Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Audrey's take on ...How to have breakfast served ON TIME.

"Audrey here. And it's time for breakfast. Now listen up kitties and don't blow this."
"If you want breakfast on time then listen tight. And don't make me repeat myself."

"STEP ONE...Be sure you have had a good night's sleep."

12 hours should suffice.

"Step two...Turn all lights off so  the 'feeder' looks funny stumbling around in the dark."
"HA! hahahahaha!  Best part ever"
"OK...listen up now...
Step three, four, five, six and seven...
Put on your heavy feet and run through the house screaming like your tail is on fire. Use your Siamese voice if you have the gift. This will send her hair standing up on her neck. Grab a hold of the leather couch and go to town. YES!!!! Make sure you dig deep so the popping sound of the leather being removed is good and loud. You will instantly hear her feet hit the floor."

"When she enters the kitchen and turns on the light, be sure you act nonchalant. Play with a melts her wee little heart."


"Be patient as she is in a semi-coma at this moment."

"Help speed up the meal by slamming your head into the fork as she tries to dish it out. This will keep her focused and it's just fun to watch."

"Mission accomplished. Chow down!"

"Most importantly, be sure to go to the big bed once you are satisfied. It'll be toasty warm now since the 'feeder' is up for the day."

"I'm just full of suggestions so I'll be back soon."

Hugs, =^..^=


  1. Oh crack me up!
    Don't tell Deb though....she might not let you post again!
    You ok Deb?
    Linda :o)

  2. Hilarious! And all us cat lovers can relate...

  3. I miss my old Satchel now that he's gone, but this all sounds very,very familiar!

  4. I just love her expressions...oh, I am LAUGHING!

  5. It's a pitty that my English is so poor - Can't really tell how amused I am by this story and the photos!!!!
    Beside this, Deb, hope all is well?


  6. Ohhh you little sweet Drama Queen Audrey ,you make me smile .

  7. You are so wise for one so young...keep it up Audrey!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  8. Hee hee
    You are a pro, Audrey.
    We are taking notes!
    the kitty brats

  9. I love Audrey's expressions and how she tells it like it is. She should write a book!

  10. Sounds oh so familiar especially the head slamming into the fork! Oh and the semi-coma :-)

  11. So funny, they do have their ways to handle us don't they?

  12. Beautiful photos and a treat to see a new post. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Audrey is so expressive kitties 'round the world get her instructions.
    What a face!!
    Audrey love, did you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner?

  14. Oh Audrey, my Charlie has had this down for ages...well except the leather sofa part. He is more partial to wet nose in the eye and licking my face. Head butts on the fork are not helpful no matter what you say!!

  15. Audrey, you surely look zonked in that first photo! Your momma lets you get away with this activity, you know that...right?

  16. Dear Audrey,

    Thank you -- my person seems to sleep in a little more since she retired. She seems to think I should be on her schedule. How little they know... -- Lizzie Cosette

  17. Oh my goodness, the pic of Audrey sleeping is so cute! Her little face reminds me of Bagheera in Disney's Jungle Book. Same Siamese cheekbones. She is precious for sure...

  18. Oh, Audrey, you are just too funny!! lol! Btw, are you the one that passed these tips on to my kitties?

  19. Your a diamond Audrey! A 24k diamond...
    And..Beautiful to....Bless!x

  20. Wow Audrey with a face like yours and such full instructions cats around the world will be following your advice.

  21. We cat-staff definitely relate! Great post, Audrey.

  22. Think you must have been a cat in a former life!

  23. Love coming here and finding you in. Darling Audrey!

  24. Haha! Audrey clearly has the staff well-trained.

  25. OMG, I was hysterical reading this! It sounds so familiar!!! I am so glad "she" was not totally semi-conscious and was able to take pix.... :)

  26. My cats have this drill down pat. Add to instructions: walk heavily over feeder's not quite awake body--this ensures getting her attention.