Thursday, October 16, 2014

What made you smile today?

It's a rainy day here in Ontario so best to find a few things that make you *smile*.

For me, just thinking that I'm going to have a country mailbox soon.
Here are a few from Pinterest.

Well, mine won't say U.S. Mail but ....I'm lovin' a red mailbox surrounded by flowers.

Actually, in no time flat it will look more like this around these parts.
Hanging a wreath at the box looks so welcoming for the postman.
Seeing Sierra won't be able to greet him it's the least I can do.

I bought a new double-tray bird-feeder today and will fill it this weekend.

I found this on pinterest, too.
This is the idea we are going for as you can see the house is attached to the carriage house.
Ours won't be this adorable but the fun is in the planning.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    So glad your still posting!!! Loved the construction pics and can't wait to see more.
    It seems like this is going to be a very exciting adventure and new chapter in your family's journey. What fun for the grand babies to grow up visiting you all in the country. So special

  2. Your post is one of the things that made me smile today :)

  3. Sweet! Mailbox, house, and especially bunny.

  4. Hi Deb, your post made me smile. And of course, Ginger (oldest cat) sleeping with his tongue out half an inch; and Ambrose, his son and our youngest kitty, stretched across their day bed hugging their Mama tiger. Have a great day. Jo

  5. I love the mailboxes =)
    Pinterest is a weakness of mine *sigh* =)
    Ear scritches to the felines and say hello to Kane for me!

  6. Country mailboxes have so much charm. It must be the beautiful surroundings~
    I am looking forward to your posts about your new home. Best wishes to you on your new adventure~

  7. Your post made me smile big time!!! Just had a feeling so I clicked onto your site and voila! my day was made. I went back to catch up and will again be checking you daily. Thanks for sharing your life.

  8. Oh, the fun you are going to have on this adventure ... mailbox and all! This post was a smiler and Cassie has been in my lap most of the day today. She had a bad day yesterday ... lots of guys here painting, working inside and out. She hid under the covers of the bed. So today, it's Mummy day!

  9. We have a plain rural mailbox which we had to dig out of the snowbank last winter,at least the passing snowplow didn't destroy it, as it has done in the past!
    Jane x

  10. So many happy and good days you have ahead... you just keep smiling as the days and everything else falls into place.

    Just thinking of your new mailbox is enough to make me smile. Maybe some of the hollyhocks that remind you of your Grandmother will find their place beside yours Another happy thought!

    Love to you and the kitties and Kane, too!

  11. I had a good day today also. Love your photos of rural mailboxes! So how far from your current home is your new home? I'm so excited for you. Big changes for the kitties also!

  12. Such a cute bunny!

    You'll have to get a mailbox with some element of a cat to it.

  13. Our contractor who is doing our kitchen built the home his family lives in. They did exactly what you are doing...built a garage/carriage house first and lived in it while the big house was being built. It worked great for them...even with three kids and and dog. And I do love the look of those carriage charming!

  14. Our house has a glass mailbox! The postman still walks up and deposits mail at the house; our neighborhood doesn't not have mailboxes. The glass mailbox is antique, so finally last year I brought it inside, and we purchased a regular metal box, attached to our front porch. I hate the thing, wishing I could put the glass one back out!

  15. Although we don't live in the country... but a suburb outside of Dallas... we all have what you call *a rural mailbox*. We used to have blue morning glories growing over ours. I loved it. Now with the brutal summer, it's naked.

    Anticipating the construction of your carriage house. How exciting!

  16. That baby bunny is toooo adorable! Don't you just want to pick him up and kiss him?
    I love the idea of the porch off the garage.

  17. Our mailbox is an ugly plastic indestructible one!!