Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mootie and Pip



have been kitty-clients of mine for over a year and their lives are taking a bit of a turn right now.
Their very caring owner came to me today and asked if I could help in any way to find them a good home. Her life is changing, her home is sold and being a senior, she will not be able to care for them anymore. I spent some time with Susan going over all the details about the cats, closed the door after a hug and had a good cry. It does not take the world ending to send me over the edge these days what with all the changes my life is taking and this news just broke my heart. I love these cats and knew that their future was in jeopardy.
I prayed for these cats. "Please don't let them end up in a shelter again."  I contacted a few people, after a strong cup of tea, and one in particular that I knew would listen to their plea.  I'm all teary again because this has a happy ending. I love 'good tears.' I'll give you the details soon.
Just know that prayers are answered.

hugs, Deb


  1. I am thankful once again. Aging can be lonely and difficult. I just could not be without my pets however. Joyful that a loving heart seems to be their new home!

  2. Deb, they are beautiful cats. I'm so glad that your prayers were answered and there's a happy ending. Can't wait to hear it.

  3. I hope so much this sweet kitties wil have a good home again .i understand it make you cry.Take care and i wil pray for hem !!

  4. I love good tears too,Deb!
    Waiting for the conclusion to this story...
    Linda :o)

  5. I just love happy endings! Can't wait to hear where these kitties will be~

  6. I will keep these beautiful cats in my prayers. ~ Catherine

  7. Bwaaahahahahahah! I know where their new home will be! :) Beauties!

  8. What beautiful faces. I'm glad there's a chance of a happy ending.
    If I only lived closer. . .

  9. Mootie and Pip are sweet and beautiful.
    It sounds like they will have a loving home.
    Looking forward to the details of that.
    Will be sending special thoughts to their owner--it must be very difficult for her.
    Ear scritches to all felines!

  10. Oh Deb, I so hope everything works out well for Mooti and Pip. I know their human must feel terrible to have to give them up. It is devastating to both kitties and their people when such changes happen.

    Please share the good news when you can. I want so badly for them to have kind loving people to spend the rest of their lives with.

  11. Oh my, I was worried there.
    So glad you could find them a home.

    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  12. It's so very sad whenever a person has to give up their pets for any reason. These are beautiful cats and I hope it all works out for them to be in a good home.

  13. I'm so glad to hear the story has a happy ending. Poor lady not being about to take her cats with her. I would be heartbroken...pets do so much for us...
    They have such sweet :)

  14. Totally understand your emotional state, and I'm worried about these two too! Please tell us the story SOON...I'm on pins and needles. Loved kitties without a home makes me sad.

  15. So thankful for Happy Endings! Beautiful cats and I know this lady must feel so sad about leaving them. My Mom worries about her Cat but she knows I will take him and he will be well loved with me.

  16. We're praying our very hardest that the ending continues to stay happy for these two wonderful kitties. We pray that God blesses you, Deb, for taking care of two of His helpless little ones.

  17. Oh, I got teary reading this! It is a common problem, and it is wrenching for the cats AND their humans. Please tell us the happy ending soon!

  18. Oh, Deb, I know it breaks my heart just to hear your story about the kitties needing a good home. I live all the way in the middle of the U.S. (Kansas) or I would help the best I knew how.
    I also empathize about your moving arrangements and the sadness leaving the family home where you have lived and raised your family for so long. Sometimes a person wonders if their heart can take anymore.

    Just know I am thinking of you and all the good, unselfish work you do with the animals. I wish you nothing but best in life.

    Glenda in Kansas

  19. Thank goodness for the happy ending. Yes, please let us know the details. It will be rough on those poor cats, their world being taken from them, but at least they'll go to another home.

  20. I'd give anything to take these, especially the sweet orange boy who looks so much like Gypsy. I hope your prayers are answered.