Monday, October 27, 2014

And on it goes...

The sun is finally shining again so we were out to the lot today.

A little more on the construction of the carriage house.
(photos taken over the course of a week)
in-spite of all the rain.

This is the double garage (which we will keep heated) and the section for the stairs to the one bedroom 
All four walls and roof will be up by Thursday.

MUD is the word of the day. You need to wear old shoes or rubber boots when dropping by to see the progress.  Gravel should be brought in at the very end to make it a little less ugly here.

The weather is changing rapidly and mornings are very cool and dark until well after 7 am now. We are hoping to get in to our little 'mouse house' before the snow flies.
"Oh, do drop in for tea. I'll find you a spot to sit." 

I'm preparing lots of drive-thru lunch spots for our local birds. No lack of trees for hanging feeders, that's for sure. I'll hang some close to the house near windows so Audrey and Annie can continue their love of bird-watching in the mornings. I'll be joining them with a hot coffee and my camera.
I can't let boredom get these cats.
That's why.
It will be a 'teeny-weeny' residence for the winter so the cats will have access to both levels through a cat door. I think Audrey will get a big *bang* out of that.


'Ol Kane is doing a little better but still not back to himself.  "His age will compromise his recuperation.", said Dr. King. Oh Dear! Antihistamines and Surolan drops in the ears is what we are working with. This is in case he has an inner-ear infection. At home he does quite well but we had another walk through the neighbourhood yesterday and he tittered and tottered quite a bit. He wants to get outside which is a good sign but his walks have to be kept short for now. I really hope this soon goes away poor Kane.

He's been enjoying some of his most-loved meals lately...roast chicken and veggies being his favorite. And he wears one of my daughter's sweaters while he sits around the house to avoid a chill. He had a relaxing Sunday evening snuggled in his sweater and cozy on the couch while he...I mean we...watched Downton Abbey. I only hope to have this life when I'm 80.

I wish you all a good and peaceful day.
Stay toasty,


  1. Hi Deb,

    It's great to see progress coming for you on the carriage house. I think it will be a cozy little winter hideaway for your family and am so happy to hear that the heated garage will be open to the kitties. That will certainly help them adjust and enjoy their new surrounding more.

    My thoughts and prayers are still with Kane for a complete recovery. I want him to thoroughly enjoy being a country dog fulltime. He has waited a long time to have that dream come true for him, as well! : )

    Thinking of the retired guy, too, and hoping his back is still mending. Blessings on all of you.

    Wishing you a good and peaceful day back,

  2. wow! you will be in the carriage house before you know it. i bet Audrey will love the door ... and I can see her now .... in and out and in and out and in and out and ......!!!!

  3. Super Model Audrey is rolling on da floor :)
    Have a fantastic day

    Ps : the mouse look yum !

  4. Deb, such fun to watch your construction progressing! And that little mouse picture is adorable. As for your comment about having Kane's life when you're 80... I agree. If only we are taken care of as well as we take care of these animals (but then, we aren't as cute... ; /

  5. That's some progress! It must be exciting to watch it going up and at the rate things are going, you'll be in it soon.

  6. It's not an easy thing to deal with, inner ear infections, but he's coping, and you're taking good care of him.

    Audrey, you really are a sweetie under all that attitude!

  7. Your new digs will be like a Wendy house! I can't wait to see the inside...I love tiny spaces.

    1. I had to look that up, Trish. And you're right.

  8. Looking good Deb.....
    I smiled thinking of Kane curled up in his sweater watching Downton!
    Hope the rain holds off for you....
    Linda :o)

  9. Always amazes me that things get's such a totally foreign concept for me; my brain just doesn't work that way, and yet I spend hours watching DIY programs. Go figure! Audrey is such a doll; I love her face! Poor Kane, let's hope the pills and the drops work more often than not.

  10. I love seeing the construction!

    Hope Kane continues to that he wears a sweater! aw.

  11. ooooO! Everything certainly looking good.
    Love those bricks and the brickwork!
    You'll be in there. before you know it!

    Audrey! Audrey! You should'nt be bored.
    Stop laying about and see to that mouse!
    You don't want any of those moving in, and
    taking up 'your' space! Bless!x

  12. I am glad to read Kane is improving. Your mouse-house seems to be going up quickly and life there looks very cozy in all the best ways in spite of the mud. Picturing you and Kane snuggled together watching Downton Abbey makes me smile.

  13. I must have missed this temporary......are you eventually building a bigger place to live????

  14. Pretty kitties!! And I do love new construction. It's so exciting!

  15. Construction is always fascinating. I hope you've had a hand in it somewhere, however small.

  16. That Audrey is really something! I'm hoping Smokey will be just like her. I'm so excited for you! That is such a beautiful place to build. Oh, I love the picture of you and Kane walking in the beautiful gold leaves in your last post!

  17. Wow, Deb! It's bigger than I thought!
    It's going to be lovely!
    Smaller spaces teach us to think, plan and be more efficient which will play well when you then move into your larger home. I bet the kitties won't miss the bigger spaces at all because there will be a world of wildlife to entertain them. Poor Sierra, she'll miss her mailman sweetheart.
    Kane is in our prayers.

  18. I can just see Kane in a sweater! I'm glad the cats will have access to both might make YOUR life easier.

  19. It's so interesting to watch the building progress. I am amazed at how quickly the framing is being done. Will you be moving totally to this home or keeping both homes? After cleaning my basement and attic out 20 years accumulation, I can imagine some of the decisions you will be making. It's interesting to follow along. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Sorry to hear Kane is taking some time to bounce back. It's so tough when they are seniors. Give him a kiss from me.