Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm complete 'mush' for this guy.

Dominique seemed better this morning; not near as fragile. She is eating really well now which always calms the owner, right? When cats are off their food the stress level of all who love them goes sky high. It was good to see her more chipper to greet her owners today.

My cat-bag is always so interesting to my kitty-clients. Caesar noticed his file right away then took to snooping out some cat treats which he found and enjoyed.
He's shameless, this guy. His favorite place to be is as close as can be to your face. 
Here he is just as he was about to slide from the counter top to the floor.
I caught him which I do believe was his plan all along. 

Am I putty in his paws?


hugs, Deb


  1. I do love his face....such personality!

  2. Beautiful!
    And....just look at that shiny floor! Hahaha!
    Enjoy your week, Deb...
    Linda :o)

  3. My goodness! Who wouldn't love this beautiful boy! Precious! I just want to reach in and give him a big ole' kiss!

  4. Relieved to hear Dominique feeling stronger. The love and care you give her is good medicine too. We are keeping her in our prayers.
    Easy to see: Caesar is in LOVE with his cat sitter!

  5. I'd be putty in his paws too! What a handsome guy!

  6. You are right about cat-owners and their cats not eating. When they stop having an interest in food, I start worrying. My aim then is to tempt them to eat. I have become experienced at syringe-feeding, too. Seeing a cat apathetic about food is like a crack appearing in the hull of a spaceship: emergency measures take place immediately.

  7. Glad that Dominique is feeling better! Caesar is a real flirt, much like my Patty O'Malley...anything, ANYTHING for a snuggle!

  8. Oh yes, putty in his hands! Glad Dominique is doing better!