Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and bidding October farewell.

"For cryin' out loud...."

There are some things you just have to put up with when you are the youngest in the household. In Audrey's case, it's getting sat on or stepped over.

Did everyone have a Happy Halloween? The forecast was snow (eeeek) but it never came. The weather was just fine for trick or treating. The little ones went door-to-door, had lots of fun and too much candy. Just the way it should be.
Gwynn didn't go door-to-door but she did go to a few parties in her little strawberry costume.
We had lots of fun with our little monster, Bradley and the lovely butterfly, Riley.

We had a 'scary' pumpkin this year.
I hope Sierra doesn't have nightmares.

It was a fun halloween.

I hate to see October leave us. We had our share of rain but it was a beautiful month of fresh, cool weather, warm sun and the beauty of orange, gold and crimson red. How often did I stop to take in the gorgeous sight of a long road lined with the colours of autumn. The sweet call of our October roads. (Thanks JT) It's those times you feel so alive.

                                          Discovering the beauty of October.

Well, it's time now to make some soup and bundle up.

"So long, October. I will miss you so much. More than you know."

stay toasty,



  1. Oh, the kids look cute!

    Poor Audrey. Her expression speaks volumes!

  2. Beautiful photos……..Happy Halloween! I, too, will miss October.

  3. Deb, our Ghost is the youngest in the house-hold also... but she doesn't put up with much.
    And your grandkids' costumes are really cute! Our 2 young ones were a black cat and a policeman. And we had 2 darling little girls (maybe 2 yrs old) show up at the door - one was a troll and the other was a fireman...

  4. The kids' costumes are just adorable!

    November is not the greatest month, is it? I find it very grey and cold.

  5. Part of the reason I love blogs is that they are such a glimpse into slice of life of wonderful people with beautiful family and enchanting cats! You have both. Happy November.

  6. I love seeing the Grands dress up! Next year I will have another excited. The fall leaves were gorgeous in the mountains this year. I'm so blessed to live near the mountains so I can see the seasons in full bloom. I can't believe it's November already.

  7. Wow,,,you are so lucky to have such cute Kitties & cute Kiddies too. Looks like Halloween was a lot of fun at your place,,,and don't worry,,,Fall will be fun too !

  8. What absolutely fabulous costumes!
    Jane x

  9. You are so lucky....3 adorable grands♥️
    Gwynn looks good enough to eat!
    We had rain all evening...not one kid!!
    Which was fine with me...hahaha!
    Flurries here today...geesh!
    You make October sound lovely...and you are was!
    Linda :o)

  10. Awesome costumes and great pumpkin carving. Love the photo of Audrey and Lily's tail. Cold front moving in here - rain and wind all day and getting much colder. It has been a beautiful autumn here though and last night was good weather for trick or treaters.

  11. You do have the most adorable grandchildren! I love your farewell to October.

  12. Love your kids' Halloween costumes! Gwynn is adorable! Sounds like you are getting ready for your big move. How far away from your current home are you moving? I trust it is some distance, since you are giving up your business. I'm also wondering if someone will take over feeding the ferals. We have two ferals we feed; not many, I know, but it's important to them! I sometimes wonder who will take over if we do the snowbird thing some winter. And I worry a bit. Anyway, I didn't mean to cause any sadness. You will love your new home in the country. I look forward to watching you build it and move in.