Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello November

Just a short post today to welcome a new month and gather more thoughts and plans for the busy weeks ahead.
Tomorrow we will head out to see what progress has happened at our lot in the last few days. Now that the roof is done the floor can be poured for the garage this week. The sun is scheduled to shine and the cold winds blow so I'll be bringing more bird-seed and a big mug of hot coffee. We'll have a good breakfast at the local family restaurant.
I am caring for two lovely kitties, Quincy and Flash and will enjoy their sweet faces for a day more. Then I will be passing on their key.

We had a couple of sleepy-heads at the home-front this morning.
It takes a lot out of 'the oldies' to greet each and every trick or treater on Halloween night.
They haven't moved much at all today.
I'm happy for them that the gas-stove is ablaze.

It's a cold one tonight. I'm off to feed the ferals.

Stay toasty,


  1. They look happy to stay by the woodstove.

  2. Oh, don't they look comfy by your new gas stove! And it looks wonderful! I bet your daughter, Joe and Rae-Rae are going to really enjoy it! Lovely!

    Hope your day went well and that all is coming along great at the property!


  3. That spot in front of the stove looks pretty inviting.
    Your trip this morning sounds like fun, walking around, coffee in hand.

  4. They look so happy and contented by the fire! The little strawberry is a cutie!

  5. Lily and Kane are such snuggle bugs!
    Jane x

  6. Gwyn is adorable! The oldies (including me) need rest today for sure. Hope things are going well at the new home. Hugs!!

  7. That wood burning stove looks so inviting. I haven't been warm since last Friday! Gwynn is beautiful!