Sunday, November 23, 2014

Family time and woodland critters

Joyce, Joe (brother), Frank (brother-in-law) and the retired-guy
We had a fun time at my sister and brother-in-laws home last night. A delicious dinner, home-made pumpkin pie and whipped cream (also home-made) and a game of Rumolli which I lost big-time.

Meet the resident cat, Carmen. Is she not a beauty? She is one of those rare orange females with an enchanting personality, too. She is shy but within minutes I had her posing for a very quick photo. I love this little gal.
I added a few little things to my dining-room today.
I enjoy all the holiday decor but I especially love woodland critters at Christmas. 
Do you remember this photo of Audrey meeting the reindeer for the first time?

(Stand- off)

We are off to the property to do some measuring. The stairs are in so I'm a happy-camper. I'll show you around the mouse-house next time.

Have a peaceful, fun Sunday, folks.

Stay cozy,


  1. Carmen and Audrey are beautiful! Audrey reminds me of our 'Shadow,' a cat we had years ago. He was a sweet cat. Carmen reminds me of Lionel, my wonderful companion cat (much like a dog) :-) who died in 2013. Your decorations are so sweet. Have a wonderful Lord's Day.

  2. Home-made pumpkin pie sounds delicious (noticed that wasn't coffee being served with the pie... ha!)
    And can't wait to see more of the *mouse-house*!

  3. Great photos. I love the wall color in the first one. It's almost gray but almost sage green. That kitty looks so soft. It really is beautiful.

    I always look forward to your Christmas d├ęcor. The woodland creatures are adorable.

  4. I like woodland critters, too. Nice family dinner. Carmen is lovely.

  5. That reindeer musta been shaking in it's boots! That stare from Audrey was intense!

  6. Enjoy your day! The move to the mouse house is getting closer!

  7. What a nice evening that sounds - makes me think about digging out the board games for Thanksgiving.
    And I needed the cat pictures. I depend on you to keep me going in my cat-less world, now that my sweet Satchel is departed. But I just had the sudden thought that the doldrums of winter after the holidays are something to look forward to because we plan to get two new kitties from the shelter then.

  8. LOVe the pic of Audrey and deer! Your woodland creatures are beautiful.

  9. Hi Deb....
    Love your wee creatures....very festive indeed!
    My kitchen is getting another workout today....
    We used to play rumoli years!
    Nice to spend time with siblings.....
    Linda :o)

  10. Carmen is a beauty! What a sweet face!

  11. Glad you had a good time with family.
    I'm not a cat person but the "stand off" photo is adorable. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving...

  12. An orange girl! What a treat.
    We're very pleased to meet you, Carmen. You're such a lovely kitty.

  13. Funny how cats pay no attention to some things that come in the house and go crazy over others. Lay a fake garland out on the floor here to trim it and mine go wild. No idea what they think it is but they intend to kill it!

  14. Your Sunday dinner with family sounds cozy and fun. Just becoming acquainted with your kitties, Deb; do I sense a little drama in that gorgeous green-eyed feline?


  15. I just love your blog! I too like little woodland critters. The picture of Audrey looks so much like Smokey. That pie and whipped cream looks simply delicious!