Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our mouse-house

We have been struggling with plans to fit our necessities into our little mouse-house for the winter.

One of the biggest dilemmas was where we could put a washer/dryer. We have decided to buy a stacking model and fit it into the space under the stairs to the apt. It will be warm there, and since only used once or twice a week,  it will be nice to have it out of the way. We'll be checking with our plumber this week to get his opinion on that. I hope its a go because space is gold upstairs.

We have large windows on order for the upstairs since a big part of living on this lot is to enjoy the view. Natural light will flood this small space. We also have a very large window going into the garage. The cats will love this one because I hope to attach a window-seat for their viewing pleasure. Since the windows upstairs are low they will be able to enjoy all the sun-puddles that appear.

I keep thinking it shouldn't take long to clean the whole house. :) *swish swish...done*

But I suppose Audrey will get into everything.

I will be putting shelves everywhere I can. I've been told to use as much wall space as possible.

I know I can do that.

The window over the kitchen sink will face the road, the same road I would look out to when I would help my gran with the dishes many years ago. At that time the road was gravel and her little clap-board house was at the top of a hill. We would notice every car that drove by since they were few and far between. Since then, the road has become busy, is now widened, paved and the hill has disappeared.'s the same road to me.

I hope I have room enough to bake a cake. And maybe make some soup. My kitchen is just one end of an open room. *hmmmmm*  Kitchen cupboards will be at a minimum. This is where shelves will come in handy.

We will miss our fire-place.

But it's only for one winter.

The chickadees are really enjoying the feeders. Besides them, the beautiful blue-jays have showed up. It will be interesting to see what flies by the drive-thru this winter. I'm hoping for cardinals.

More construction photos coming.
Stay toasty, Deb

(photos from the Beatrix Potter site)


  1. You will make it work, with love and happiness which will fill your small space.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Audrey, of course, will love getting into everything.

  3. A stacking washer and dryer will fit just perfect !
    I've lived in tiny spaces, it will be a cozy and clutterless winter for you, enjoy :)
    Love those Beatrix Potter illustrations, I can picture you with your apron on baking a cake or two !

  4. Oh Deb....I felt like I was reading a wonderful cosy book♥️
    All will be shelving in the kitchen would showcase all that you have and need...I took the cupboard doors off at the cottage was like a whole new world....
    Excited to see more pictures...
    Love the memories of you and your Gran.....just lovely...
    Crappy weather here too....seems early to me...
    Linda :o)

  5. I think you will just love it! Another suggestion: get a folding card table--we have one and it gets used for all kinds of projects, and then IT GOES AWAY. Perfect.

  6. It will be an adventure living in such a small space. I lived in a travel trailer for awhile and it was interesting to say the least! I just watched the movie about Beatrix Potter last night (the one with Rene Zellweger) and it was really fun and sweet. Her drawings are adorable. I'm glad the kitties will have lots of windows!

  7. You words fit perfectly in the sweet little story book. Those pictures are adorable. I love a little mouse house!

  8. I love both of those ideas...stack W&D and large windows! Your illustrations are perfect! And you know what Queen Victoria said..."Things taste better in small houses" :)

  9. Looking forward to the construction photos. I love the shelves in the mouse-house, but I do find that the top-most ones in a cupboard are almost useless without a chair to climb on.
    I am trying to take a calm view of my possession being scattered between three houses--surely at some point we will be collected into one house--and STAY There.
    Will you keep the cats indoors at your new home?

    1. Oh yes, they will stay inside. We are setting up part of the garage for them with a tree & window seat and they will have access through a cat-door. I imagine the young ones will enjoy that. Lily is almost 19 now and will most likely find a cozy spot upstairs to call her own.

  10. It's going to be lovely...after all...there will be CATS!!
    Jane x

  11. What a sweet post this is with the Beatrix Potter pictures! Thank you for the fun! It was like a story book and perfect!

    I think the stacking washer and dry are a great idea! Good thinking!

    And won't the cats just love their window seat in the garage window! Will you be hanging bird feeders on stakes or something just in front of it? How much trouble could Audrey be anyway... har, har!

    I so look forward to how all of this will unfold for you. I know it will be lovely.


  12. Can you get an electric fire place? ( Not as bad as it sounds. Lowe's has them) ). I have one. I turn on the heating function and that, along with the flickering "flames", just thrills my cats.
    I always think about your big change and darling Lily. Sierra too. Cats take changes in their environments much harder than dogs.

  13. I love the pictures you included in your post! Beatrix Potter always invokes coziness. What an adventure you are undertaking!

  14. It sounds cozy, like a winter hideaway. Turn up the heat, snuggle into a warm blanket and enjoy watching the snow fly with a great cup of tea. Dream of spring when you will be able to spread out again in your new home.
    The kitties will love those big windows.

  15. Ha! I love the illustrations. They went perfectly with the narrative. I bought too big a house for my needs, and will probably move into a smaller one in a year or two. But I can count on it being just as full of cats hair as this one.

  16. Exciting times for you!!!! Even living in the chauffer's quarters! I hope it all goes well for you. My blogging changes have been more gradual. I am online far less and always behind on news. But I will enjoy checking in now and then. You have posted some of my very favorite storybook pictures!

  17. I love your Brambley Hedge pictures! I live in a tiny house, and there's lots of inspirational tiny house interior web sites. I often look at narrowboat interior design sites, compared to them my house seems huge!
    My 4 cats don't mind at all. Sure yours will love it!

  18. darling pictures! It will be a fun adventure, and the drawbacks will be manageable because you know you don't have to put up with it for very long. The fur kids will love the big windows. Sure they wont like the change at first but if you keep their same beds and cushions so it smells like home, and you are there, they will adjust very quickly. How far distant is the new place from the old? Too far to keep doing kitty clients? Seems a shame to give up something you seem to love so much. Im sure Audrey will help with dish arranging and such too. Remember to breathe... cheers.

  19. Love the pictures :)
    I lived in a studio apartment for 7 years--it was a challenge but I managed!

  20. I tell my family I want a studio apartment to Paris, where I can learn the secrets of baking bread and pastries like the French! Mine is truly a fairy tale, but I can't wait to see how you fit everything together. I know you will, XOXO

  21. I love all those little mouse houses! Haha!
    Wishing you a most wonderful November Deb!
    xo Catherine

  22. Love all those sweet pictures! Surely it won't be so bad as all that if you can have a place like those clever mice! Hoping your kitties adjust well to their new home.