Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Views from the windows.

We are finally upstairs with our tape measure since the stairs were built last week. Here's a little peak for you. Actually, don't blink or you'll miss the tour.

This little apt. is all one room broken up into areas. The bedroom and bathroom have doors (of course) but the rest is all open. Love, love and love some more these nice big windows. The cats will be able to watch the birds in the tops of the near-by maples. They'll love that.
I, will get to sit at the table for two with my tea and admire the view.
Above, to the left is the dining area window. The right is the bedroom window.
Here's looking out the bedroom window to the road.

Now you see the bathroom to the right and the sitting area to the left. You can see where the stairs to the garage are just below the left window.

The cats will have a cat-door that will allow access to the garage while supervised. When we don't want them down there we just close the door.
The insulation and dry-wall will happen soon.

We had the garage floor poured this week.
Pex-pipes installed for when we want to heat the floor.
Planing the floor.
I'll be adding a window-seat for the kitties .

It's still very messy out here.
We will have mud until they arrive with our gravel for the drive-way.
That happens tomorrow.
You should see my boots....ahhhhh!
Heaters were put on to help keep the cement floor warm.
Without that you worry about cracks developing.

This is the view from the garage window tonight.

I will show you the kitchen corner and the view from that window next time.

The Chickadees are making good use of the suet and seeds.   

I couldn't leave without placing one little Christmas decoration in our teeny mouse-house.
Santa sits on my kitchen window frame.
I just felt it needed some Christmas spirit up there.
So that's the mouse house today. It will look very different by next week.

Before signing off, I want to give you...

an easy apple pie recipe.
9 inch pie pan
375 - 400 degrees
1  3/4 cups of pealed, sliced apples
1/2 c sugar
1 tbsp. flour
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
3 tabs of butter
pastry for double-crust pie.

Combine first four ingredients. Prepare pie shell. Fill with apple mixture. Dot with butter. Cover with top crust. Slit with knife to allow steam to escape. Bake 'til filling bubbles and crust is golden.

This one is out of the Canadian Mennonite Cook Book. Well worn, mine is.

I think it's time to put the kettle on.

Wishing all my American friends a Very Happy Thanksgiving.
Stay toasty,


  1. Can't wait to see it all when it's finished! That pie looks delicious.

  2. That looks delicious! I will have apple pie for Thanksgiving dessert. Your home is going to be so lovely and that view! Tell the kitties all the noise and chaos will all be worth it.

  3. I'am surprised you are going to heat the garage floor. Maybe thats because you'll be living upstairs for awhile... if you weren't having to live in it would you still be heating the garage floor??? Just seems extravagant to me... ??? Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Hugs! deb

    1. Hi jinxxxygirl: Extravagant we are not. We will be living in the apt. above until the house is built next year. The plan for the future is to have the garage solar-heated. A little project for the retired-guy. :)

  4. It looks like things are coming along nicely.

  5. I love seeing the mouse house! Those windows are wonderful and that pink! It's going to be just great!

    I'll take a slice of that pie...can you put the kettle on, too? :)

  6. I am really enjoying watching your new home ( mouse house ) come together. Of curse I am watching from my chair in our study and not wearing mud boots. But this is so exciting ! Everything looks like it is so well thought out and perfect for you and the cats. Love the windows and the view.

  7. Oh lucky you! Radiant heat is so comfy. I'd never knew why people loved it so until I went to someone's house that had it. The heat is so even. It's lovely you're building an energy efficient home.

  8. This is fun! Your mouse house is sweet and, soon will be 'home sweet home'.

    The apple pie looks delicious.

    Thanks for the tour, I am really enjoying seeing the process.


  9. Wonderful views! So sweet, it will be an adventure! Loving the Mouse House!

  10. You're going to have that little apartment above the garage so cosy, you won't want to move into the house.

  11. I love your mouse will be very cosy♥️
    Gonna make an apple pie for son is coming to do the lights....
    Enjoy your day.....I mentioned you in my post!
    Linda :o)

  12. It is so exciting to see the progress of your mouse house.
    Love the little Santa ornament.
    I can almost picture your felines curling up, comfy cozy, and admiring the view.
    That recipe looks amazing!

  13. This is exciting! can't wait to see the finished product!

  14. It's really getting there! The kitties are going to be in a bird-heavenly state!