Sunday, November 30, 2014

I'd rather be bird-watching

Annie, being Annie, has no problem with having to move over on her blankie to make room for our 18 years old, Lily. They are together now like old friends and where you find one you find the other.
Annie has taken over for our late Mr. Ed.

We were at the property again today. Look who came to my feeder.
So far I have seen Chickadees, Sparrows, A woodpecker, Blue-jays and Juncos. And...a little-bitty baby red squirrel.

I couldn't make hide nor hair of the instructions for the garage-doors to be installed today.
but guys always seem to know what to do so he was having fun.

All together now folks....."BORING!"

I'm going back to bird-watching.

Stay cozy,


  1. I love watching birds, too! When we lived in the country we saw lots and lots of chickadees along with blue jays and cardinals. No chickadees here though; I miss their happy little song. And their round little bodies. So adorable!

  2. I love watching our birdies to we have all kinds here in our valley that come to our feeders . House looks to be coming along nicely ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Oh how I love Miss Lily as she snuggles with beautiful Annie. Hugs to you on this lovely Sunday Deb!

  4. Dear Deb,
    I love your stories and be happy with all the steps which make your mousehouse your home.
    I started feeding birds and squirrels three days ago but only some of the many winter-guest are already visiting us. Perhaps it is because we have only temperatures round the freezing-point (0 °C) and they find enough in the gardens around. To the bought feed-mix I add peanuts and rosins - they like it very much.
    So, have a nice sunday

  5. Bird watching is so much fun! Garage doors not so much but you will be glad when they are in I'm sure. Love to see Annie & Lily snuggle. Warms my heart.

  6. I'm so happy for Mr. Ed having someone to cuddle with. Our Rosie is slowly warming up to the kittens; she even picked up a toy and went looking for them yesterday to play, XOXO

  7. It is just a joy and heartwarming to keep up with your kitties, past and present. What fun to be taken along on so many of your adventures with your new home. Love the "carriage house". You will have such fun decorating and enjoying. Love the kitty window and seat to come for them. DARLING. You are just so fun, Deb.

  8. Hi Debs, I'm back on blogger after three weeks in South Africa. We're also back to birding and "catting" (giving in to our three spoilt Tanzanian cats). Men do love those boring jobs, like installing a garage door. Thank goodness. Have a wonderful Sunday. Greetings, Jo

  9. Oh Deb you´re so lucky to be bird -watching! In our garden there are some habitués like oven birds, pine siskins and robins what adorable creatures!
    I love seeing how your carriage house is progressing and it seems that the retired guy has no time to get bored with all that work ahead!
    Loving Annie & Sweet Lily are both a bunch of love♥♥

  10. I do so love seeing Annie and Lily together. Mr. Ed would have liked that, I think. Bless them all.

    And you posts are never boring - couldn't be! I love hearing all about your days of building! I can't wait to see the progress next week!


  11. It's really starting to look like a house!

  12. You and the kitties are going to have such fun bird watching! So sweet of Annie to love on Lily.

  13. Annie and Lily are such a beautiful pair.

  14. Kewl birdie photo! Kitties by the fire...warm and toasty!

  15. Yes, I'd leave the garage doors to the men-folk too, and watch birds and cuddle cats!

  16. Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by my site today, so thought I would look you up and stop by to visit you too. I see you have lots of bird feeders for you and the cats to watch. Little Red can be very mischievous can't he? Best of luck with the move.

  17. From the first picture of Annie you showed us, somehow we knew she was a special cat. It's truly wonderful that Lily and Annie offer each other friendship and support.

  18. It's so nice to see that everything seems to be right on schedule! You will have some wonderful views from your little perch up high. Watching feeding birds is one of my favorite (rare) activities. We stopped feeding ours here because the feeders encourage huge fire ant colonies in our yard, but there is a nice nature center nearby and also the public gardens.

  19. That's so wonderful that Annie became friends with Lily when she needed one after Mr Ed's passing. Nothing can replace a lost friend, but another friend is always welcome.

  20. Sweet Annie.
    She and Lily look so sweet cuddled by each other.
    Your little mouse house is coming along!
    Love seeing how it's doing.

  21. It's great seeing Annie and Lily together! Will you be in your new house before the onset of the real winter weather? I worry that it will not be finished in time....

  22. How sweet! They look adorable.