Friday, November 21, 2014

Minimal decorating begins

This gal is a dreamer

of falling snow, peace on earth and red felt mice filled with cat-nip.

Once again, it's a cold day today. I spent much of the morning in the local shops enjoying all the Christmas decor. With the up-coming move, decorating our present home will be at a minimum this year. I will hang the grandittles stockings, though, just because I love to look at them (and fill them too.) I'll put out just a handful of favorite things and that's it. We will wait 'til we move to put up a very teeny tree this year. That will be a challenge to decorate since I like to do it up big.  I always bring out these three little ceramic fir trees to greet the season. These were once my mother's and were passed on to me many years ago. I love them so much and will always consider them my favorite Christmas decoration.
They are heavy and breakable.
I'll just pop them in here for now.
Audrey spent her precious wake-time with me this morning as I got a bit of dusting done. I can only get the back of her without her getting angry at the camera. haha!
"Hey Audrey, your butt looks kind of ginormous from this angle."

"I'll not live that down."

If you are looking for a nice book to give to a child for Christmas this one is adorable. It is about a little girl and her rabbit preparing for the Christmas season. They not only decorate the house but they remember the poor little birds in the yard that need some Christmas, too. It is a sweet, precious story with beautiful illustrations.  It shows the innocent kindness of a child. Any little one would love this book.

Time for a cheese & herb scone and a hot cup of tea. Wish you could pop over and join me.
I'm writing out my Christmas list and checking it twice.

Enjoy your weekend and stay cozy,


  1. Back from the grocery store after spending what years ago would have been three week's-worth for basically one meal. Ah well, we have a small family but this is one of the few times we all get together. I'm old enough now to know that won't go on forever.
    While shopping I was happy to find a box of Lady Grey tea - not always easy to acquire - and your scones would go perfectly with it. Darn it.

  2. You will have a wonderful Christmas I know. Love and Grand Little's make it all perfect. That book looks wonderful!

  3. Audrey's going to get even with you for that one!

  4. Love the first picture. My decorating will be sparse too. I started to decorate and then get called for another showing. Back the boxes went. So what
    escaped getting shoved back in the closet, will probably stay. Besides being on the market, we will be gone at Christmas.
    Enjoy your tea.

  5. Annie is such a pretty girl. I have my mother-in-laws ceramic tree ... the one with the light in the center. I bring it out early every year. It will stay with me until the day when it passes on to daughter. You will have an exciting holiday ... full of new gifts!

  6. Save a cheese scone for me...I'll be right there. ha. :)

  7. Your photo of Peach is absolutely the perfect Christmas photo. Peace. The most blessed gift of all.
    Rather than going all out with decorations maybe you can go all out with family activities . Decorating the road side tree and serving hot chocolate tree side. Or on a night the family is together go outside and give everyone a small candle in a jar and light them from oldest to youngest as a symbol or your return to family land. How 'bout making a group of friendly snowmen in front of the cottage. Who knows, maybe some new traditions will be born.

    1. You have some wonderful ideas, Kari. I do hope to start some new traditions at our new home and I love some of your suggestions. Yes, our Annie, or little Peach as I love to call her, is the most loving, peaceful cat I have ever had the privilege to know.

  8. Your three Christmas trees are getting me in the mood to decorate.

    Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  9. That little book looks so sweet. I wish my kids weren't too old for it. Poor Audrey - I'm glad I know better than to be photographed at that angle! : )

  10. Peach is so pretty and sweeeet. I am still thrilled your brought her and her 3 babies home. Thank you again from me.

    Kari's ideas are wonderful! They would be great for so many families! I look forward to hearing what new traditions you start at your new home.

    Here is the link, (though you might have to put it into a search engine to have it come up), for a sweet Chritmas Card video from Belle and Boo! It is the first or second site to come up on Google at this address - a 40 second video from vimeo: I hope you will take a peep.

    Best wishes for your Holidays,

  11. Hi Deb....
    Love your wee trees♥️
    Nothing like tradition,eh?
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  12. You write the warmest sweetest little posts...that I enjoy reading a lot.

  13. It must feel odd not to be able to decorate the way you usually do, but I love your wee trees and I have a feeling it will be very festive no matter what, simply because you are you!

  14. Little Peach (mi dulce Annie) I can feel your peace & lovingness, you are a little treasure of love ♥
    I will miss your pretty Christmas decoration this year Deb,especially the stairs but I completely understand and although minimun as you said it would be beautiful and loving.
    Those cherished little fir pine trees & the Belle & Boo book are adorable and so are you Audrey!