Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter at the mouse house.

"Welcome to my home"

Well, that is the extent of my Christmas decorating so far.
Oh yes, and please knock before entering. hee hee!

Look at this creepy vine growing around the OH.
Good luck getting in there.
The feeders at our lot were once again empty today. I filled them again to the brim.

It was so cold and so windy. Ugh! It didn't take long for a chickadee to appear.
I hung up a fresh suet and this time I took it completely out of the container. (I'm learning folks)
A little messy but now they have access from both sides.
The bottom one is already frozen. Poor birds. But, I hear it is getting warmer this weekend. +10 by the weekend. :)

We have windows and don't they look pretty.

This will be Audrey's window in the garage.

I'll hang some feeders near by and when she gets bored with that she can head upstairs to watch the birds in the tops of the trees.

"What is this wacko woman talking about?"

All but the garage doors are in and we still wait for those needed stairs to be installed.
I have to get up-stairs to measure for things like kitchen cupboards, bathroom fixtures & so on.
Getting impatient here. *groan*

The trench was dug for the plumbing

and the well hooked up. These poor guys were cold but joking constantly.
I heard this one as I walked by...
"What does an 80 year old woman have between her breasts?"
"Her navel"

That one killed them.

Good Lord!

Well, so much for being in before the snow flies. But if we get the temperatures that are supposedly on their way, this snow will soon disappear. Here's hoping.

Stay toasty,


  1. Things are coming along nicely!

    Audrey, you're brooding today.

  2. Oh, Audrey! She does crack me up with that face!!!

    The men working are cracking me up, too!

    The outhouse has never looked so charming!

  3. Oh will probably look back on this and think "how in the world did we accomplish all of this?" Winter seems early this year. I think it's going to be just warm and cozy! Best of luck as your progress continues!!! It looks festive!!!

  4. Nice photos! Looks like Audrey's snoopervison is panning! Today, the wind has finally died down, and I watched the neighbor's cats romp around at 7 am this morning, temps near 10 degrees F...brrrr! Cats don't feel it like we do, but I still worry 'bout them. We lucked out and got only a dusting of snow, but my Aunt near Buffalo got walloped!

  5. What a hoot that joke was!

    Your OH is adorable.

    Audrey is so funny with her expressions and your thoughts. :-) I just love those.

    Your sweet house is coming right along.

    Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  6. I am just loving your new place, and that outhouse! The vine look good there with the Christmas wreath, like it was placed there. The pictures are beautiful! That sweet Audrey!

  7. It is looking so good! Love the outhouse! Audrey you just have no idea about what is going to happen do you? Stay Warm!

  8. What a snug nest that will be! I don't think any of us expected this frigid stuff this soon!

  9. Love seeing the progress and it seems as though things are moving swiftly. Well, maybe except for your steps. It's going to be wonderful when complete. Love your first Christmas decoration. Good luck with the steps and then the measuring and figuring out placement.

  10. Looking good!
    Love that outhouse!
    We had one at our first cottage when I was a kid.....NEXT!
    Audrey is a doll.....
    Linda :o)

  11. OMG - laughing with my hubby as I relay the joke. Now I'm 71 is that what I have to look forward too, and it won't be long - yikes!!!!!
    Audrey's countenance is so fabulous - you must frame that one.
    Here's to fast melting and warmer days for those funny guys!

    Hugs - Mary

  12. The little privy is as cute as can be. The little cat tail hook is precious.
    I still can't believe how quickly construction is going.
    Audrey cracks me up! She's truly a cat of a thousand faces.