Saturday, November 29, 2014

A vision

While working at the property I took a few minutes to check on things where we have a little grave-site for our deceased but still much-loved cats.

Looking from that spot you can see the house through the apple orchard. I really like this photo because for years It was a wish of mine to someday visualize a house there.

I would often stand at this little spot and imagine a home to walk back to where it was warm and the tea-pot was full.

Now that we have the first stage of our building plan almost completed I feel that the wish is coming true. The carriage-house will keep us cozy for the winter and coming Spring.

We are off to install the garage doors. The retired-guy is so excited about this. It doesn't quite 'do it' for me; I guess it's a man thing.

"Happy 28th Birthday" to my youngest daughter, Allie.

                     Enjoying a glass of wine in New York city.
We are so proud of her and wish her a wonderful day. Tomorrow we celebrate. :)

Stay toasty, Deb


  1. Happy Birthday to Allie! And what a wonderful thing to see your long-awaited dream materialize.

  2. A very happy birthday to your beautiful daugher! Such lovely photos....

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    The garage door installation can be a big thing for a guy... but not always. I'd just look at it as something that needs to get done.

  4. What a gorgeous, dream come true, view.

  5. How lovely to look up and see the carriage house! I know this has been a dream for so long and now it's all coming true. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter and enjoy your day.

    Charlie is already laying underneath the Christmas decorations yet but it's his place for Christmas!

  6. We have a little pet cemetery in our back yard under the pine trees. Well, there's also a parakeet there, too. :)

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

    I love to see your dream coming true...that photo is just lovely!

  7. Birthdays are memorable! Today is our granddaughter's 6th birthday--time goes by so fast as you probably are saying with your youngest turning 28. XOXO

  8. Allie looks like a sweetheart! Happy Birthday!
    Mouse house looks great tucked behind the trees♥️
    Have a great weekend Deb.....Red says hi!
    Linda :o)

  9. Deb, I am so glad that what you long to see for many years is now a reality. I hope it brings you and your whole family for generations great joy.

    Happy Birthday to Allie! It is also the birthday of a very special BIL of mine. Blessings to both!


  10. Those who have gone before will now be near! Wonderful! Maybe a little stone bench for a tranquil spot to sit and destress, find serenity and enjoy happy memories.