Thursday, November 6, 2014

A favorite cupboard

My old step-back cupboard is a favorite of mine. Annie and I sat in the dining-room, me on a chair, her on the cupboard :-b, and I came to the realization that it is time to start packing up the dishes.

                          "Oh dear me, that will be a big job. I'll help after we have tea."
"OK, Annie. Tea it is."
Annie loves to see the tea-pot come out. It means she'll have a lap to sit on for awhile and maybe a taste of a cheddar cheese scone with butter.


Packing is not fun. I have to measure the coach-house apt. wall next week to see if this wonderful old piece of furniture will even fit. If not, my daughter will loan me her cabinet and this will stay here until the house is built. I hope it comes with me now as it provides me with much comfort and fun when decorating. It has become as comfortable as an old friend.

Christmas posts are popping up now. This is my favorite time to read blogs and I expect I will be living vicariously through them since I doubt there will be much decorating done at my home. I asked the retired guy if he thought we could fit a Christmas tree into the little mouse house this year. He said if not we'll put one in the garage. Lord... have mercy!
Have you been by to see how organized and fun this lady is? Her home will be one of my favorites to visit over the holidays. Drop by today and maybe it will help to get you in the Christmas decorating mood.

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Stay toasty, Deb


  1. Hi Deb.....
    Measure tomorrow......BEFORE you pack it all up!
    Enjoy tomorrow....think we'll take a drive to the cottage....
    Too chilly to stay over. :o(
    Linda :o)

  2. I hope your sweet cupboard fits in the new little house...I can see why you love it so!

  3. sounds like busy times Deb ! lovely photos as usual !
    Gail x

  4. Oh Deb! I adore that little butter knife! Now having a little Christmas tree will be a challange, but sounds like the garage will be rather festive! Thinking of you during this time of transition! Hugs to all the kitties!

  5. Love your blog! Tea and cats...swoon :) Hope your cupboard fits in your mouse house!

  6. A Christmas tree in the garage? Such a man thing to!

  7. I love your cupboard and hope it fits in the mouse house!! So many changes are coming so quickly!

  8. It's such a good cupboard, and Annie obviously approves!

  9. I hope your cupboard fits =) I just love your Annie girl. She is so sweet. ((tiny kitty hug))

  10. Hi Deb,
    I hope the step-back cupboard will fit! It would be a friendly face for you and Annie to see!
    Hey, for Christmas decorations you could hang sways, real for scent or artificial for ease, over the windows and put some of your most favorite ornaments on them. I have done that when a tree wasn't possible. With lights and everything is it very effective and takes no space! Hope that might help you get to have some of the family heirlooms there with you! I actually think you are going to find so many ways to enjoy your new tiny house for the time being.
    Best wishes for your weekend!

  11. Do you need to have a real tree? I'm seeing lots of very narrow fake trees this year, less than 24 inches across at the widest point and 5-6 feet tall. They're designed not to take up much floor or table space. Our drug store put one up( already) and it looked a bit odd undecorated. But decorated! Heavenly! I want one! If you have a large window, you absolutely cover several trees in view with lights. I saw it at Longwood Gardens and it makes me wish we had trees. Check out their website.
    Your photos of Peach look like the old time post cards. I love the colouration. I love Peach!

  12. It sure would be nice if you can get that cupboard to fit into the apartment. If not, I suppose it will be extra exciting to get to use it again when the house is finished. I do not envy you having to do all that packing!

  13. Oh I hope your old cupboard will fit. I love it! Your decorating is warm and comfortable. I wish so much that my old cupboard would fit into our house, anywhere. It has to sit on the front porch and keeps me busy dusting and polishing it.

  14. What wonderful cupboard. I love it! Hope it fits. ~ Nancy