Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter is here - get out and walk.

Winter is here now in Ontario and days of over +10 will be few and far between.
Along with colder weather came the snow and slush today.
But that doesn't stop 'ol Kane from wanting his daily walks.
So he grabbed his coat and out we went.  
This will be his 13th winter with us. He was one year old when I found him at the Quinte Animal Shelter in Belleville. I saw his silly mug on-line and along with a friend drove 2 1/4 hours to look at him. End of story.

He is living proof that every dog deserves a second chance. And...he gets me up and out the door every day which keeps me healthier. It's a win-win situation.

Stay toasty,


  1.'ve been perfect for each other!

  2. You look snug and cosy Deb....
    Love the furry trim on coat and boots!
    Kane is one lucky pup!
    Enjoy your evening..
    Linda :o)

    1. Thanks Linda. It's fake fur, of course. :)

  3. He's so sweet. Do his feet ever get cold? Are there doggie booties?


    1. We have tried doggie booties on him but he doesn't like them. He immediately pulls them off. He seems to do ok on his walks as his feet are fluffy and we don't head out if it is too cold for him. At his age we have to be very careful now.

  4. It is wintery here now, too. I love Kane's coat--he is such a handsome boy.
    So glad you two have each other =)

  5. Bless him...He looks great!
    And, yes, every dog/cat/animal should have a second
    chance...There ALL lovely!

    I expect Audrey's at home...dreaming of Christmas! :>).
    Bless her to...She's lovely!

  6. Sounds like a love story to me. Don't know where I'd be without my Ben!


  7. What a lovely pic of you two braving the elements! He's a handsome boy despite his age - hoping he is your buddy for many more years - and here I was always thinking of you as just a 'cat lady'!
    No snow here yet - in fact brilliant sunshine again this morning and the leaves are still golden - but it has turned very cold.
    Hugs - Mary

  8. Kane is such a sweet dog. You can tell he has a big heart and owns a piece of yours for sure.
    hugs and stay warm!

  9. He is one lucky dog. It looks like slushy snow there; Kane will be glad eventually to warm his toes inside.

  10. My Bernie used to love the cold weather - she was the one who got me out walking. Now that she's gone, I am left with couch potatoes... :)

  11. You two look nice and warm all bundled up! Who ordered this deep freeze, anyhow? I'd like to return this 'gift' for a full refund...

  12. brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! It´s sooooo cold!

  13. I see you got Kane at the Belleville Humane Society ... this is a coincidence as we live not far away from there ... are you close by?