Saturday, November 15, 2014

Upside-down Apple cake

We've been busy the last few days; running around in circles mostly. 

I need a lot of tea lately for there is Lots of stress in our life right now. Sierra looks rather stressed, too, but she is just peeved because Joe is close by. If you could hear the growl you'd run for the hills.
Poor guy. They just don't like him. Audrey went screaming through the house tonight with him in tow. I really think he wants to play but they just won't have it. Thank goodness Rae-Rae loves him.

 I made a favorite cake; Upside-down Apple cake. I've been asked for the recipe again so here you go.
                                                      Apples and cinnamon sugar
If you like apple pie you will love this cake.
I still use my wooden spoons.
Funny how we always stick to what is familiar. This cake has been a favorite for twenty some years now. I actually get cravings for it. :)) This is a breakfast cake in our home. I split the recipe into two dishes so I could share it with daughter #2.

Our doors are in, our floor is finished in the utility room, framing is done upstairs but the stairs are still not done. :( There is a hold up in that area. Our windows are going in Monday. Tuesday will be another busy day as a trench is being dug for some pipes and the plumbing done. It's actually looking like it might become a cozy little corner after-all.

With Christmas just around another corner, and if you know me by now, I've been putting some thought to the size of the tree that we can fit into the house. I guess it will be an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny table tree for this year. I'm used to having three trees; a kitchen tree, the main tree & a tiny tree in the dining-room. This will be a challenge.
The retired-guy called me over to the ditch just outside our gate and said "Hey, look, there's our out-door Christmas tree this year."
 Sure enough, a beautiful little pine tree growing next to the ditch looked like a perfect tree to decorate with lights this year.  So, we will do that and call it 'our first Christmas tree in the country'. It will greet our company as they drive through the gate. And, help Santa to find Nan and Gramps' mouse-house this year.

It's very cold here and I find that everyone is starting to hunker down now. Warmer clothes & comfort foods seem to be all that people require. The cold winter ahead is on everyone's mind.

If you are tired of me yacking about the construction... please look away.
This is where the hot water tank and washer and dryer will go.
The retired-guy wants a chute put in upstairs for the clothes to go down into a basket at the washer. All I can picture is Audrey sliding down the chute and then high-tailing it back up the stairs to do it again. Woohoo!
Our stairs will go in here at some point.

I added suet to one of the tree branches today, put a fresh apple in the apple feeder and filled all the feeders to the brim. 'My birdies' should be good for awhile.

And before I left I decorated the out-house for Christmas.
Next time...
Enjoy your weekend & stay toasty,


  1. I can see Audrey doing just that with a laundry chute.

    I've had cake in that form before, and yes, it's delicious.

    Poor Joe! At least he has Rae Rae to keep him sane.

  2. Yummy apple cake ! Oh I see you have the suet still in the container I take mine right out so the birdies can get to both sides of the suet in the cage ! The house looks to be coming along nicely ! Getting cold here now and possible a bit of a snow storm for us down here tonight ! Lovely photos hope all the kitties get along .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. I guess I'll do that next time. You're right. It would be easier for them just a little messier for me. haha! Thanks

  3. I never tire of seeing the construction. Looks like things are moving along fast. Probably doesn't seem so to you though. The outdoor Christmas tree will be so pretty decorated.

  4. I love, love, love seeing photos of construction and progress being made. It's very impressive to me how fast this project is going. Maybe that's because I'm not the one waiting to move. Seriously, it seems remarkable that you are this far this quick. Love the outdoor tree and I imagine you are going to be too busy to miss the three indoor trees too much. This will probably be a whirlwind winter with all the packing, moving, settling in, etc. How exciting though to be so close to your goal. Now, I'm off to check out that apple cake recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It's coming along! I'm so excited for you.

  6. Wow, things are coming along really quickly! Do you need to move in for Christmas or is the move something special that you want? You must have nerves of steel, Deb. The construction, the move, the
    season, the cats! Keep the kettle on and remember to breath. Love to all.

    1. Hi Kari - Well, we do want to move before Christmas as we expect the weather will get colder and snowier into the new year. The sooner the better. My nerves are frazzled but I do remind myself to sit, breath and have a hot cup of tea every once in awhile. The Christmas preparations and shopping is a nice distraction from all this moving business. I am determined to enjoy it. :)) Christmas will be celebrated at my daughter's this year.

  7. Hi Deb.....
    That cakes looks delish....think I need to make one!
    The place is looking great...big things happening next week....
    Enjoy your weekend
    Linda :o)

  8. Just found your blog. I drink the same tea as you to keep me going...tazo awake! Love all your blue and white china and your new home looks wonderful.

  9. Hi Deb,

    Wow! How exciting to be building a new house! I know the feeling, (way too well; ours took about 8 years to finish, and my hubby's a contractor!), but from the looks of it, your well on your way.

    Just baked up an apple cinnamon loaf, myself, and there's nothing that says autumn in the house more than the aroma of these two ingredients, eh?

    Happy weekend, and remember, 'Don't sweat the small stuff, because it's all small stuff' Richard Carlson, PH. D.


  10. Actually, I think they will push Joe down the laundry chute! haha.

    I love the construction's looking good!

    1. Actually, Joe will be remaining at the old house along with Rae-Rae as they are my daughter's cats. Much to our cats relief. We will be bringing 4 along with us and Kane.

  11. Deb, I laughed out loud at the thought of Audrey going down the laundry shoot and doing it again!! I can hear the growls and howls when Joe comes around. Glad he is staying there when you move, your kitties will be much happier. Charlie continues to do well and I'm so relieved. Your new mouse house is coming along so well. I'm enjoying this journey with you!

  12. Thanks for the recipe! I think I'll make it for the grandboys when they come on Thanksgiving.
    Keep those construction photos coming. It's fun to watch the process.

  13. Your apple cake looks so good. Apple pie is my favorite. I skip the pumpkin pies this time of year. Exciting times around you. I can see Audrey going down the chute and running back upstairs. It's just something she would do! Love your little outdoor tree. Drink lots of tea!

  14. This is so exciting. I wish I were in your shoes. Would love a house in the country. Actually we bought 8 acres in the country over a year ago and hope to build in the next 5 years. So I am happy to see all that is going on.

  15. Things are truly moving fast there Deb, amazing workers!
    Love the sound of the cake - have copied recipe and will bake it soon. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh yes, what a perfect little tree to decorate - will look forward to seeing it sparkling soon!
    Hugs - Mary