Friday, November 7, 2014

Our ancient out-house had a visitor

It's a cool, wet day here today. We saw the first bit of snow fall but nothing stayed on the ground. There is more expected tomorrow.

Some readers have asked me just how far the new home is from our present home. I'm sure you are thinking it can't be that far if we are driving there often during the week to meet with workers.
We have found that the best route takes us about 50 minutes. It's a nice drive, most of it in the country and away from all highways. It is because of the distance that I had no choice but to close down the cat-sitting service in the town I presently live in. Having to add the cost of gas to the service charge would have made each visit too expensive for my clients.  I also had to give thought to our winters and the treacherous roads I would have to drive. I do hope to start it up again in the new location next year, though.

"Welcome to my new home."  Haha! This, ladies and gentlemen, is our out-house.
                                 (This is not much bigger than what I'll be living in. )

Once upon a time this out-house sat next to the chicken coop that has just recently been taken down to be rebuilt in the future. Yes, this is the out-door bathroom I used as a kid when visiting my granny's farm a hundred years ago. Well, it seems like that some days.  I am thrilled that this little building still sits on our lot and I do have plans to clean it up and perhaps add some whimsy to it. I think it should be moved again, though, as it is sitting in an odd spot right now scrunched in amongst some apple trees. I want to fix it up and have it somewhere that it can be admired by all my visitors. :)

I have lots of stories to tell about this little old out-house but I won't bore you with them. I will tell you one, though.
If I remember correctly, I was around seven years of age and staying for two weeks at my granny's farm during summer holidays. It was usually planned that at least three or four grandkids would be holidaying there at the same time. It didn't much matter what cousins stayed as we always had a lot of fun and made some great memories. One memory that involved me and this out-house lives very vividly in my mind even today. The old clap-board house did not have plumbing so....we used the out-house that stood just a few meters from the attached shed.

It was always the last request from my grandmother for us all to use the outdoor toilet before dark. We would always head there two at a time; girls together then the boys. One night I was just too busy colouring and didn't bother to tag along.
Needlesstosay,  very early the next morning I had to go. There was an in-door potty but that was in a closet (hahaha) and I would have woken the others walking through the bedroom. So, in my striped, bell-bottomed pajamas, I headed down the stairs, through the winter kitchen, then the summer kitchen and out the back door, all by myself with a flash-light, to the dreaded out-house. It was still a wee bit dark, and I was more than a little scared, but I quickly opened the out-house door, closed my eyes and sat down. Within a second or two I felt something move next to me. I never moved my head, just my eyes, and could see the faint image of a snake wrapped around the second seat. Oh ya, it was not too shabby; it was a two-holer. Then the visitor lifted it's head and I could see the eyes. Ya.......All I remember after that is kicking the door open, running and tripping while screaming for my mother. I hit the ground a few times, got up and high-tailed it towards the house. I ran into the summer kitchen where, by now, my grandmother stood with a look of horror on her face. "God in heaven child,  what is going on?" she asked.
I just sat on the floor, shaking and started to cry. I was so embarrassed even at that age and especially for scaring the life out of my old gran. I did tell her what happened and she did understand as it was then that she told me that she was a little afraid of snakes, too.  I was to find out later that wasn't true but bless her.  So, lesson learned. Thankfully, there were no video cameras back in the day. I am past the point of seeing a snake every time I look at this funny old building. I really love it. It's just one more reminder of my wonderful grandmother and my time at the farm. But yes, I still run from snakes. Don't know if I'll ever outgrow that.

More up-dates on the construction coming soon. Stairs go in Monday so I'll take a little walk around the apartment. Shouldn't take long. (The walk-around, that is).
Must go, Audrey is smacking Joe.


Stay toasty, Deb


  1. My goodness! You certainly stirred a few memories Deb.
    I remember my Grannies outside 'chamber'...HeHe!
    No lock on the door so, you had to whistle/sing, while
    in there, so others knew it was occupied...The most sung
    song was 'God Save The Queen'. HeHe!
    AND...The toilet paper...Cut out squares of news paper on
    string...Ha! At least you had summat to read....
    Ah! Those were the days....Never see they again....Thank God!

    Ah! Poor Audrey! Is getting blamed for summat she's not doing!

  2. Oh my...that is some story! Can't wait to see how you get that little outhouse fixed up and moved. It's a charming addition to your property...glad you are going to keep it!

    Audrey looks to be in rare form

  3. OK, now I'm going to think twice about EVER using an outhouse again!!
    Ah, bless your gran for being so sweet. However you 'tart' up the outhouse,leave room for a 'no snakes allowed' sign.
    Jane x

  4. "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"

    Audrey, dear girl, Joe's just saying hello!

  5. I've visited a few outhouses in my day also. Oh the stories but snakes...YIKES!!! I'd still be running! I understand why you had to close down your business...that is a fair trek! Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Laughed out loud at your outhouse story. Neat memory even if it wasn't at the time. Glad to have found your blog. LJ

  7. So many fun things one can do to decorate an outhouse!

    I had two bachelor uncles who had an outhouse on their property. The new owners left it intact. We were happy to still see it there.

  8. Deb, I grew up on a farm with no indoor plumbing, so I have a lot of experience with outhouses. No snakes, though. My mother was deathly afraid of them, so I'm quite glad she never had a visitor like yours. I can't imagine what kind of cacophony that would have caused! ~ Nancy

  9. Oh my gosh! I just read about the snake! I thought it was going to be a raccoon or possum. A snake! My Aunt Berlie would always say we needed to go to her little outhouse one last time before dark too. I loved staying with her.