Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Random Tuesday

This day has been full-speed ahead.
We were at the property early to meet with the hydro guys.
It's going to be so nice to have lights & I can play Christmas music. haha!
The trench was filled in by the septic guys just in time before the snow comes.
The garage doors are up now so the retired-guy is less hysterical.
Oh, and of course I filled the feeders again.

Those little oinkers.
Oh, oh!
The bandit has arrived.
This guy spent the morning hoarding peanuts.

Back home, I managed to decorate just a wee bit.

I love Christmas trees so I have a little collection of them.
I put the small ones inside my french country cupboard along with some woodland creatures to keep me happy for now.

I'm sure having fun looking at all your Christmas decor.

We celebrated my youngest daughter, Allie's, birthday at The Generation Inn on Sunday.
This gorgeous restaurant sits along the Mississippi River and was decorated beautifully for Christmas.
I can now recommend their breakfast menu and delicious coffee.

My lovely, sweet, talented, kind, animal-loving little vegetarian daughter.
Boy, time does fly.

                                            "Happy 28th Birthday, Allie."

I'm sending you over to meet Estelle and Mae-Mobley at
You will enjoy this beautiful blog over the Christmas season.

The temps have dropped, snow is on it's way and then some freezing rain.  Stay cozy.

hugs, Deb


  1. The birds and squirrels are getting used to your being about!

  2. that little fox sure is cute!

    had to laugh at the last picture...cats do love boxes, don't they? ha.

  3. I have come from Linda's place to pay you a visit.
    Tomorrow I will be filling my bird feeder and putting out a few peanuts for the squirrels or blue jays. We'll see who gets there first...
    Love your cats! My two are getting old, but are still well loved.

  4. Hurray, things are moving right along at your new place. I know having the garage doors up is a huge plus.

    Love seeing your Christmas decorations and Sierra is a sweetie pie.

    Happy Christmas holidays filled with love, peace and joy.


  5. Allie is so pretty and looks just as sweet as you are. I love your little trees and animals. Makes me want to pull out my little collection from a dusty box in the shop.

  6. "animal loving little vegetarian daughter"... sounds familiar... apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And love that pic of Sierra - so comfy!

  7. Your daughter is beautiful! Oh how fast the years go by now!

  8. Beautiful ladies - you, Allie and Sierra. Love the decorations you have displayed. I am very impressed by how quickly work is progressing on your mouse house. Maybe it only seems quickly because I'm not the one waiting to move into the mouse house. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a fabulous photo of Sierra - now I have my cat fix for the day. (Don't know if I can wait until spring to get our new puddies) I was just reading in a bird catalogue that putting out squirrel feeders keeps them away from the bird feeders. Not sure if I can come around to feeding the same bandits we've been shooing away all these years!

  10. Yeah, hydro and a garage door. Happy belated birthday to your daughter.

  11. You and your daughter look beautiful, and the kitty sure is cute. Ours is stretched out on her back in front of the fire right now.
    Those squirrels and chipmunks sure love to raid the feeders, don't they?

  12. THings are really moving along at the new homestead!

    I love your decorations.