Thursday, December 4, 2014

kittens and cuddling

I've never thought young children and kittens were a great mix.

Kittens always seem to come out on the short end of the stick. 
They are fragile and don't enjoy being roughed with and they certainly don't like being hoisted in the air while balancing on a tray. But, that's what kids like to do so I stick with my gut feeling on this. Young cats are happier and feel safer with adults and older children. 

When I volunteered for our local shelter I was on a mission to find good, loving homes for all the cats. I would ask family, friends and friends of friends to look at photos and at least 'think about' adopting a beautiful cat into their home. I'm sure I was a nuisance to some but I felt the need to speak for them; get the word out that they were waiting and hoping for that second chance. I always stayed clear of placing kittens with really young children, though. 

I have been enjoying all the beautiful blog posts this morning as I sit here with a sore throat and cough. I always feel I never have time for this nonsense. The birds at our property won't miss me today, though, as I left them with an abundance of food.
 Our internet is being installed this morning at the coach-house. YAH! I won't have to wait and miss all the festive fun.

I put some Santa's in mason jars today and placed them in amoungst my dishes. It's fun to look inside something and see a Christmas scene.
The sun is shining, the temps are up a bit but I'm going to stay in and rest. Audrey says she'll keep me company and stay out of mischief. ('til I fall asleep)
We won't be the only ones' snuggling today.
I'm off to make some tea and add a tsp. of organic honey. That is the best thing ever for a sore throat. (Ask Dr. Oz)  Stay toasty,


  1. Now do try to get over that winter have things to do and places to the picture today....taking good care of each other. So true...cats and kittens love a nice peaceful home!

  2. Oh Deb, do take care of yourself. I agree, young children and kittens are not a good mix. Thanks for your kind words about Topsy being missing. Rina says his brother, Tipsy is pining and crying all the time. We hope and pray he comes walking back into the house - soon! Have a cuddly day with your beautiful kitties. Jo

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Oh, that Audrey!

  4. Aww, sorry you are feeling poorly Deb, it's the time of year for colds and sniffles, and hopefully your tea and honey will help ease your sore throat.
    I feel the same about young kittens and children, having also seen the match. a rarely good one.
    At our local shelter, we screened families and those with young children were usually not given high priority.
    I love your little Santa's so festive and eye-catching amongst your white china pieces.
    Sounds like they are moving along quickly with your construction project !
    Sweet kitties, they truly adore each other.

  5. I'm staying in and crafting and finishing some Christmas decorations today. Hope you feel better soon. I think I'll make a cup of tea (with honey) and enjoy a little snuggle time with Charlie!

  6. I love the idea of putting festive bits and pieces into mason jars ... I just might have to do that. Right now I'm setting up the tree. Hope that sore throat goes away soon. I just had my afternoon tea ... white chocolate soufflé. Yummy

  7. Deb, while I agree that young children and kittens/even some adult cats do not mix... I've also seen first hand where the two have formed a close bond that lasts for almost 20 years. My daughter was only about 18 months old and son was 3 when we took a little white kitten into our home. Of course at first the kitten would hide, but after a bit became my daughter's closest companion. Her name was Betsy (named by my son after his pre-school girl-friend) and Betsy loved being put into a baby carriage and wheeled around, dressed in doll clothes, etc. Betsy died at 19 while my daughter was away at college.

  8. Well, get this cold out of the way. You have way too much to do!! Hugs

  9. I agree with you, Deb. I would go so far as to recommend that parents let young children grow a bit before adding any pet to the household. I love your santas in Mason jars! I think I might steal that idea... :)

  10. Feel better soon...find a sun puddle and have a snooze!
    Jane x

  11. Hope you feel better soon...I've used honey and lemon for sore throats for years..seems to work. Cute Santas in jars...

  12. Hi Deb....
    So sorry you are not up to par. :o(
    This post....and Audrey in the previous one...brightened my day....
    Taking a wee break....feeling burnt out....
    Miss V was playing "zoom zoom" with wee Red today.....
    Enjoy your evening....
    Linda :o)

  13. I hope you're feeling well soon. I suggest tea with honey.

    Annie and Lily look adorable together.

  14. Get well, Deb! You're right about the honey and sore throats. I mix equal parts of whiskey, lemon, and honey for my sore throats. I'm sure it's the curative powers of the whiskey...;)

  15. You stay toasty and feel better soon!

  16. Few things as perfect as a cup of tea and a cat-filled lap to soften the annoyance of a cold.
    I hope you're feeling less sniffly soon.

  17. I hope you feel better soon, and when I see you next, I promise there will be honey for you!