Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Looking back

to Audrey's first Christmas with us.
At 4 months of age, she was such a huge help decorating and wrapping.

This was our table-tree that year.

which she was so fascinated with.
She spent most of her waking hours under it.
And sometimes in it.

She was the ribbon inspector.
and got her mom in on the action.
They were supervised when ribbon was around as some cats eat it and it can be very harmful.
So, please remember if your kitty hangs out with the decorations you need to be close by.

She loved to listen to Christmas carols on the old radio.
Tapping along with her big lion feet.

This will be Annie & Audrey's 4th Christmas with us this year.

That just makes me happy.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas outside the windows today. We had a beautiful snow-fall over-night so the snow is so white and fresh. There's a glitter to it when it first appears. That's when I love it and only then. By tomorrow I'll be wishing it gone.

Today I am home and planning to do some Christmas shopping. Maybe lunch out, too. :)

Stay toasty,


  1. What a sweet post with such a sweet little lion. I loved seeing a four months old Audrey! And your lovely tree always makes me want one, too.

    Enjoy and you stay toasty, too,

  2. She was a cutie even as a kitten!

    The old radio reminds me of one my parents had. I'm not sure what became of it.

  3. Adorable. I just can't resist a kitten! A kitten at Christmas is even better!

  4. Absolutely love that pic of Audrey under the tree! Reminiscing is such fun...

  5. I can't believe this is her fourth Christmas. I was dealing with a crazy kitten here and followed the Audrey saga because it made me feel not so alone in the world of over active kitties. This year it is my Clara Jane that has to be watched around ribbons. She'll eat them every chance she gets. I always seem to have one cat with that addiction.

  6. Ah! Bless! Ah! Bless! Ah! Bless!
    What more can l say.....Think l need
    a lie down....What a princess!x

  7. Audrey was so sweet back them the wlittle babykins. You can't see a single warning sign that that innocent little kitten would grow into an inpish. sharp witted, ever so slightly scarcastic & a bit of a diva adult cat. It was nice that you can remember a time when Audrey was still an innocent, cute & cuddley kitten before... well, you know, before she transformed into the Audrey we've all come to know so well. Audrey will probably have some snappy retort to this comment, but I will say it anyway "Audrey was darling then & she is even more lovely 4 years later". I wish I could give her a squeeze, but I doubt that would go over big - right Audrey? At least Annie can be counted on to behave well & use good manners. Could a mother & daughter be more different? Your lucky to have them both for a 5th years & many more to come. Can't wait to see how Audrey adjusts to the mouse house.

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Audrey (and Annie's) first Christmas with you. They were probably the best gift you remember from that year. And the sweet little ones just keep on giving. What is more fun than a cat at Christmas???

  9. Makes me happy too! And I don't use curling ribbon at all anymore. Oreo loves it too much and finds all the gifts and chews off all the ribbon. I discovered that one day after wrapping like a fiend the previous day. All the ribbon was chewed off! one gets ribbon festooned gifts anymore!!

  10. The picture of little miss Audrey looking at the tree is adorable! In the last one she looks like she's not amused, lol! Nice radio.

  11. Christmas decorating was made for cats and kittens!
    Jane x

  12. I gave up on Christmas decorating a few years ago after countless times of retrieving the Baby whom the cats insisted on stealing from the manger scene. the prettiest tree decorations seem to be breakable, so not an option.
    But--what would we do without our cats?

  13. Audrey was a darling kitten! And she's adorable now too! You are right to warn about ribbon and can be very, VERY bad for them.

  14. Oh Audrey you are such a cutie! It is fun to look back at photos of them as kittens isn't it. Enjoy your day and some shopping! I'm crafting today!

  15. There is something magical about the way snow looks after it first falls, when it is undinted and untrammelled. Perhaps it's because it resembles the scenes on the Christmas cards that show perfect Christmas scenes.

  16. Love keeping up with your building progress and Christmas decorations. Love Audrey's first Christmas. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  17. How adorable! I would love to have a small tree, but my two would have it down in an instant!

  18. Are you sure it's the 4th Christmas ?!
    I remember like yesterday when they moved in :)

  19. Bless you for keeping those two lovely girls with you. Love the Audrey kitten photos - it does just seem like months ago.

  20. I can't believed it has been four years. I remember when you got them! She is such a beautiful girl. Well, all of your kitties are lovely!

    1. I's crazy. We brought them here in Sept. 2011 so this is the 4th Christmas. I just adore these two.

  21. Her little neck is so thin! I have a photo of Lizzie a little older than that and still with the thin neck -- amazing how they fill out, yet stay lovely. She's obviously quite a help!