Thursday, December 11, 2014

Charming Santa

All cats love to get new toys for Christmas. Someone was really working his charm on Santa this evening.
 He knows darn well he's on the naughty list (Audrey's nodding her head) and cannot spare a moment making up for all his antics. As long as Santa doesn't end up face-down on the island Joe just might be forgiven. Time will tell.

"Uhhh, Joe. It's about that tuna breath."

Stay toasty and warm on this cold, wintry day. It's a winter wonderland in Ontario, Canada.

hugs, Deb


  1. Awww, Joe, you're such a cutie pie, even if Audrey doesn't much like you.

  2. Yes, he's doing his best to earn a special treat from Santa, he's so sweet.
    Cold here in Tennessee, I'm already missing those sunny Autumn days.
    Hope the building project is coming along nicely Deb.

  3. Joe is so cute and so feline I don't think naughtiness counts.

  4. Joe may be a scamp, but he's a cute one!

  5. Cute photo with the basket of toys!
    We snowed all last night.....and all day til 6pm....
    Now....those darn gusty winds are wreaking havoc!
    I am back up and running!
    Linda :o)
    ps....glad you are better♥️

  6. He's a beautiful boy! Poor baby is unloved by Audrey!
    Santa will make up for Audrey's ignoring him...we hope!

  7. He's so handsome - I so wish I still had a kitty to cuddle when I see a lovely clean, sparkly-eyed one like Joe.
    Stay warm in the snow and cold temperatures - we had rain one day this week but then the sunshine came back. It's chilly but today I was outside adding a few more lights to a fir tree by the front steps, and spray a couple more silvery pumpkins! Just can't stop decorating once I start it seems! Thanks for your very sweet comments on my dining room Deb, you are very kind and are welcome to come sit here for a cuppa any day!
    Warming hugs coming your way - Mary

  8. Aww, Joe is so cute. How could Santa not give him whatever he wants?

  9. Kitties just gotta do what they gotta do!!
    We have tons of snow too.

  10. Your Joe looks so much like my much lamented Cookie. I love black and white cats. And tigers, and calicos, and orange, and grey, and ..... :)

  11. I think a minute or two in person with Joe will have Santa putting him back on the 'nice' list.

  12. Joe looks a lot like my Bickett. I'm still hoping Smokey grows up to look just like Audrey. :). I really like your cupboards and dishes.