Wednesday, December 17, 2014

'Deck" the tree with bells and oranges

The birds at the property are taken care of for another few days.
I added a few extra tid-bits and some oranges for the orioles, cardinals & wood-peckers  seeing it is the holidays.
 They deserve a little Christmas decor added to their eating area for the holidays. A little jingle bell wreath should catch their interest. And look who made an appearance just to check things out.

The chickadees were  happy for a full buffet. If you look to the right you can see a little gold finch.

I saw what might have been 'fox tracks' at the lot today. This might be interesting. :)

My mother's maiden name was Fox.

With Christmas fast approaching we will close up the mouse-house for now and resume building at the beginning of the new year. It is time for a break. With little left to do, the apt. will be finished mid-January. It is a mouse-house, afterall.

The weather has been very dull here; damp, dark and rainy. We did get a lot of snow today, though, so just maybe it will be a white Christmas.
It's a good week to watch a few Christmas movies with a mug of hot chocolate. So far we have enjoyed...

It's a Wonderful Life 
Home Alone
Christmas Vacation
The Family Stone - The usual story about all the craziness in a family over the Christmas season. This is a good movie that will pull at your heart-strings.

White Christmas
is next.

My daughter sent this photo to me to be framed. Little Gwynn with Nana and Gramps.
                                    Our little pink cup-cake.
Are you ready for Christmas?

Heavens....I'm not!

Stay toasty,


  1. The squirrel, of course, is doing early reconnaisance and intelligence gathering, trying to assess your tendencies to feed critters and appeal to your better nature.

  2. Aw what a lovely pic of little Gwynn and her doting grandparents. You are so kind to care for all the animals, Deb. Good on you! Re your comment on my post, Have a great day. Jo

  3. I spy Little Red in the feeder ... cute and mischievous. Lucky you if you get orioles in the winter, none around here till next spring..

  4. Your little granddaughter is the prettiest little thing I think I've ever seen!!
    As far as Christmas movies go, I enjoy the newer ones, but I really do love the old ones. Try these, if you like old shows: Remember the Night, Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Affair (a classic!!), and one that tugs at the heartstrings, Since You Went Away. I think you will find some "new" (most of these are from the 40's) favorites! Enjoy!

  5. Am I the only one who doesn't see a picture?

  6. Wonderful photos. That squirrel looks very well fed. Happy Snowfall

  7. I love watching the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol", starring Alastair Sim. He's the perfect Scrooge. I've seen it twenty times and see something new each time.

  8. How much the birds must love your caring for them - and little chubby squirrel, too! I wonder if you will be seeing Mr. Fox around? That would certainly give the kitties some interesting Animal TV to view from inside.

    I hope you can thoroughly enjoy your well deserved break from building and have a wonderful Holiday!

    That is a lovely photo of you two with sweet Gywnn. Blessings upon your family.


  9. Glad the critters at the mouse house are taken care of for a few days. You hopefully can relax and enjoy Christmas and then move in Jan. That Gwynn is so adorable!! i'm getting some much needed rest here in Aruba!

  10. Adorable portraits, Deb, of your cutie patootie grand, and that crafty, little critter, too!

    Merry Christmas!!


  11. I'm loving this -- all the happy photos and pretty Christmas, caring for the birds, too. My Christmas must-see movies are Love, Actually; White Christmas; Scrooge (the musical with Albert Finney); Scrooged (Bill Murray) and The Bishop's Wife (with "Wonderful Life" and "34th Street" too! Must check out The Family Stone -- haven't seen that.

  12. That is a perfect picture for framing!