Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Don't rush her.

My apologies...I rushed her. She wasn't quite finished with her tree.

                            "You're starting to annoy me, woman."
"OK, here is Audrey's tree all finished up. She has promised not to tear it to bits but would you trust that face? Her Santas were face-down on the floor this morning.

As naughty as she is, she has a very special message for the season.

One we all carry in our hearts.

Oh dear, now  I have another feline wondering where HER tree is.

We are losing all our snow here in Ontario as the temperatures rise to above freezing. What was to be a white Christmas may not be afterall. But with all that is happening in our world today, a peaceful Christmas with our loved ones will be a blessing.

Hope you are enjoying the days ahead.
Stay toasty,


  1. Peace indeed! A wish for all of us.

  2. Dear Audrey, your tree is awesome and the message of Peace goes out to all who care. Purrs. Jo and the Tanzanian Trio:Ginger, Shadow and Ambrose

  3. Such sweet kitties to have around at Christmas.

    Even if Audrey makes Santa fall flat on his face.

  4. Yes, let there be Peace.

    Audrey your tree is adorable and so is your lion face. Sorry Sierra about the tree thing. Would you like to wear your Chef Hat maybe?


  5. Audrey! I'm with you sweetpea! :)
    PEACE....Peace for everyone, and everywhere...!x
    Oh! and not forgetting a 'peace' of cake on Christmas
    Day! Bless!x

  6. What a wonderful little tree Audrey and a great wish for all, PEACE.


  7. I never thought to give my cat a tree, he simply claimed it and sleeps very well under it. He used to bat the ornaments around and hide them but now he chases our other cat and gives the parakeets their bit of excitement several times a day by stalking them at the front of their cage. For some reason ,I am convinced the birds and Blizzard ( his name ) look forward to this game. No bird is ever harmed , and often the birds don't even fly away.

    I love your tree Audrey ,and the many bird ornaments .I love how much you cats add to our lives by simply being cats !

  8. I would trust any of them with birds on the tree! But I love the message. We sure do need Peace!

    Cindy Bee

  9. Hi Deb, What a face you've captured! Love your tree. Our cat likes the tree a little too much.

  10. How happy you must Miss Audrey! You are such a minx! This is so beautiful Deb! I adore the holiday decor! Peace is our Christmas wish also! Kisses and hugs from Texas!

  11. Poor Sierra! Senior kitty without a tree! We're sure there are enough decorations at home to make you the tree of your dreams.
    Love the bird themed tree! It's perfect!

  12. Peace, yes, the very best of Christmas gifts ever...