Monday, December 15, 2014

Audrey's bird tree

"Well, Audrey, I think you did a fine job. If you keep looking around the house, though, I'm sure you'll find more birds to add."

"What's with all the birds lately", she thinks.
 I admit I am a bit obsessed with them now that I feed them at the property. One of the workers said to me the other day, " should see the birds that come to your feeders during the day. It's fun to watch them. It's a real drive-thru." YES! That's just what I wanted to hear. (Although I did wonder why he was watching birds and not hammering something.)

Isn't this Santa beautiful.
He has the perfect Santa face.

The last couple of weeks haven't been all about our up-coming move. No, I've actually had some fun getting ready for Christmas. Shopping in our beautifully-decorated local shops, wrapping up the Christmas gifts with a special little helper, listening to Christmas carols, joining the family on their tree hunt, quiet evenings with a good book and some hot chocolate & meeting friends over lunch or just a lingering coffee. It's been lots of fun and more to come. I hope you are taking time to enjoy the Christmas season.

Now back to wrapping. It's never a chore for me as I love to do it especially when I have very sweet company helping out. 

"Now Annie, you know we need that ribbon for the presents."

Enjoy your evening and stay toasty,


  1. Scott and I both love feeding the birds! It's unfortunate that Bibs occasionally nabs one...I think the verdin she got the other day was already on the way out...they are pretty wise to her.

  2. Sweet tree! I have to wrap some presents also and yes Charlie is my helper! The photo of Gwynn, Gramps and Nana didn't show up but I bet it's cute!!

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Linda. I can see it from here so didn't realize it's not showing up.

  3. I doublechecked in Chrome, and it's not showing up either. I'm sure it's a temporary glitch.

    Audrey and Annie are much, much too cute!

    1. Thanks, William. I removed it and will try again later. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season.

  4. Hi Deb.....
    Audrey's tree is so cute!
    No picture of you and Gwynn......:o(
    Must wrap!
    Linda :o)

  5. Love your bird tree...I put birds all over my tree this year. I love it! is hilarious!

  6. Lovely, lovely post I am thrilled to hear the birds are there feeding so much!

    Annie and her little Audrey are the best!

    I wish you sweet days for these beautiful Holidays.


  7. ...very nice looks your bird tree.
    Hugs and kisses from Tatjana

  8. I'm off up to my daughters next week....
    So pleased she has lap~top..Don't want
    to miss any of Miss Audrey's antics over
    Christmas...! Bless!x

  9. My cats are all jealous of Audrey's bird tree!!

  10. Annie is such a lovely lady -- helpful, too. It's definitely Christmas -- Audrey's bird tree is up!
    Hugs and Purrs....

  11. Horrors, the hubby and I have a wedding to attend this weekend, and like you, my office is moving on Thursday! So, I'm packing up work stuff, and trying to remember to shop when I get home. All may have to wait until after Saturday...sigh

  12. That Audrey is just perfect, but then so is Annie! I love Audrey's bird tree!

  13. I just saw in your sidebar you have some sheep from Kathy too. I just got mine yesterday; love them! Your picture of Santa is indeed perfect. Glad to hear you are enjoying all the loveliness of the year. Your wrapping helper is adorable.

  14. Audrey, you must be such a good kitty to have your very own bird Christmas tree!
    Annie, I wish I could give you a little hug.

  15. But that bow is so perfect on Annie! Feeding the birds is one of my favorite winter pastimes - I call it Cat TV, as the cats can sit by the window, twitching and squeaking but no harm is done.

  16. Your tree is lovely but your felines just gorgeous.