Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Good morning."

"Good morning."
How are all your Christmas preparations coming along?
I felt a big "whew!" yesterday as I wrapped up my last gift with my side-kick, Annie aka Peach.
Now it is on to pie-baking & enjoying more movies.

Yesterday morning the sun came out, so while at the property, I walked around to enjoy the birds.

Thought I'd mess with their heads and put a tangerine where the apple goes and an apple on the big bad kitty. 

Absolutely everything gets eaten in a few days. The feeders empty fast. I think I may have raccoons at night coming for food, too.

I have heard that you can tame a chickadee to eat out of your hand.
I'll be working on that this Spring.
There is actually a site that tells you how to do this.

I find them becoming quite tame already. Some stay on the feeder even when I walk up to it.

"Good morning, little chickadee."

Although I'm keeping things simple this year,  I really must do something with my stair-case. Counting down the days now.

Stay toasty, Deb


  1. I think having a chickadee eat out of your hand would be so very fun! I hope it works! I've read how to do it before and it seems to be a success for many.

    I haven't started wrapping gifts yet...that will be my chore tomorrow!

  2. you are going to enjoy your new home so very much and all the wildlife.
    Hugs, purrs and a merry merry!

  3. Hello dear DEB, I think the chickadee is the best and fattest and finest bird in the feeder, I would love to tame one. Just wanted to wish you and your family of kittycats and people, a happy Christmas and a Jolly good New Year!

  4. The raccoons would definitely be seeking that out at night!

  5. That would be so great to have a little chickadee feed from your hand! Hope it works!

    Have you seen this video of a True Cat's Christmas Tree? Loved it! I so want to do that for a kitty when we can get one again... So perfect!


  6. Your staircase is always a masterpiece! I can't wait to see what you will do,
    An afternoon with Peach sounds lovely.

  7. Hey Deb....
    You'll have that Chicadee eating out of your hand in no time♥️
    Merry Christmas my dear.....
    Linda :o)

  8. Merry Christmas dear Deb. I hope it is a good one for you and, you will have the chicadee eating out of your hand in no time. If anyone can do it you can..Have a wonderful holiday with your family..Judy

  9. I'm sure all the birds at your place are happy. That reminded me that I need to refill the feeders for we had a slushy, slippery snow yesterday that made for treacherous roads and prevented us from going to Minneapolis to hear The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. :-(( We have had chickadees eating out of our hand. I think it was just a matter of standing very still and looking like a bird feeder. lol I hope you have a wonderful and happy Christmas, Deb!