Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas without 'my charges'.

A pretty visitor at the feeder.

Although I am not cat-sitting at this time, I'd still like to pass on a 
Cat-tip-for-the -day =^..^=just some cat trivia today.

Here's a real stinker for  you. Did you know that a dominant, aggressive cat will more than likely not cover their business in their litter box. Why? In the wild, a cat leaves its feces out in the open to ward off any predators and show its dominance to other cats. That little house-cat of yours will do the same if it is a dominant cat living in a multi-cat household. Many cats are of a more submissive nature and would never think to leave the box with it's personal business exposed. But not that one with the cat-itude.

If you have been following along with my blog for awhile you 
know that I just recently closed down my cat-sitting service in our town and surrounding areas after twenty years. Over the Christmas season I did do a wee bit of kitty-sitting for friends, who had last minute plans, and that helped me deal with the sting of not seeing my previous kitty-clients over the holidays.  I really missed seeing all my 'charges' who for years kept me hopping from house to house during the Christmas festivities. I thought of them all so much and could visualize them meeting their new cat-sitter at the door; tails up and so happy for the company. Those thoughts were bittersweet. I knew this first Christmas would be a hard one. I missed them so much and hope they all did well and love their new sitter. Each and everyone of them I hold so close to my heart and now I wish them all a long and happy life.
Kitty-client Billy

Stay toasty,


  1. Glad you had a little business to take the sting out...that Billy sure is handsome!

  2. I know you missed all you furry clients this year. I didn't know that about the 'covering' and since Charlie doesn't most times it's interesting. He is an 'only' now but has lived with other cats. I think he is just old and doesn't care...LOL!

  3. Interesting about the litter box. I wonder if when Lizzie does that (not often) it's days she's mad at me!

    It must have been bittersweet for you this year. I hope your holidays were just lovely!

  4. We miss your kitty sit-ee's too! It so sad to know we will never know how they're faring. Like a lovely story but without an ending. I especially think of the only cats or the shy ones. Some of the seniors in my area pet sit. The senior is at the pet's home just long enough for a water bowl to be changed, a can opened and then they're gone. No cat bags, no combing. Sad, very sad. Hope your former charges find better.

  5. My tiny cat Tungsten is the household's top-cat, and she never covers her business. Cammie doesn't either, but she stands apart, not caring where she is in the hierarchy. My very timid foster-cat, Kola, on the other hand, spends about five minutes making sure everything is covered, and will even cover others' business if he sees it unburied.

  6. That explains why Clara Jane doesn't cover her poop up. She is a bit of a bully with the other cats. It must have been a shock to your system to have fee time over the holiday!

  7. I can imagine it must have been difficult for you to stop your cat sitting service! Hope your kitty sitting will continue now and then, so that you won't miss your friends too much.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog too!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Years eve!

    Madelief x

  8. Hi Deb....
    Certain that they all missed your visits,just as much as you♥️
    Love your Chickadees....Red is still scaring everyone off! Geesh!
    Enjoy your week....
    What are you up to New Years Eve?
    Linda :o)

  9. I bet you'll find some new kitty-clients, just not as many as you had before. Enjoy your down-time before moving-time comes!

  10. That's interesting about a dominant cat not covering its "business." We all cover we guess none of us are dominant!

  11. I bet it was hard to close your business! It was your baby and the clients became part of your life! I wish there was someone like you in my area. Happy new year and good luck with your new home in 2015!

  12. You've been missed Deb, what you had wasn't a business but a passion!!.Enjoy your new journey. We all thank you. Deb (Max, Lacey, Jess and Rosie)

  13. It must have been such a change for you, not looking after kitties this Christmas. I'm sure your clients missed you as much as you missed them!

  14. I'm so glad you got some extra kitty time this Christmas and I'm sure your own fickle furries were happy to have you at home a bit more.
    Thank you for the information on litter-box issues. I love my Miss Mabel but since we've moved into this condo she doesn't always use her box correctly. She's an only fur child but a dog used to live here so I'm wondering if leaving the feces outside the box is her way of dealing with a lingering dog smell or energy.
    Happy Mew Year!!