Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Couch buddies, feeding the hungry & Audrey has bad thoughts.

I'm finally feeling better today and hopefully looking less exhausted. When I can, I spend some time under a blanket watching Christmas movies. Whenever there is a blanket available Audrey tunnels. Annie has decided it's best to lie on top of the sick one (that would be me) and give off her good energy. She is such a beautiful cat, inside and out. Audrey is simply a lovable clown. My choice of cold remedy is hot drinks with organic honey, oil of oregano (Gawd...that's awful stuff) and colloidal silver.  Something seems to be working so that's all that matters.

I'm just back from feeding the ferals. It is cold here so I could only put down a few different kinds of dry food for them. I left right away because I just did not want to see them tonight. Being under the weather, and the fact that this emotionally cuts me to the core, I knew I would break down. Most nights I might see one and then a week can go by without seeing any. The odd night I will spot 2 or 3. It's such a tough time for any animal living outside and finding shelter under buildings, in the bush or wherever. Where do they go, these poor cats? And where have they come from? It's always been a mystery. Their little paw prints are in the snow and sometimes that's the only way I know they came for the food.  We are in for some warmer weather this week but a huge snow-storm is on its' way.

We were at the property yesterday to meet with the inspector. So far, all has passed inspection so we carry on.  While there, I paid a visit to Ed's grave which is just behind the apple trees on our lot.
I so miss this wonderful cat I can't even put it into words. I told him he will always live in my heart. This coming Spring I will plant some flowers there and clean out the over-grown brush. He rests peacefully here with our other beloved cats that have passed on.

I was having issues with one of the feeders so I stopped hanging it from a branch and nailed it to the tree. Now the squirrels can't jump in it and have it hanging all topsy-turvy and the seeds flying everywhere.
Look at this cute little bird. They are getting so used to me now they don't even fly away when I approach.

"OK - so that's the plan. Get them used to me so they are sitting ducks. Got it."
"That'll never happen Missy, so settle yourself down."
"Remember, Santa's watching." *wink*


This post was written Dec. 9th. Today it is snowing and blowing all across Ontario. Winter is here.
Thank you all so much for your nice comments about Ed. It was very comforting.
Stay toasty,


  1. We're getting the snow too, being so close to your area.

    This summer I had a bad spell with a sore throat that wouldn't go away. My flatmate suggested I try apple cider vinegar... it was awful, but seemed to help.

    Audrey burrowed in the blankets is just too adorable!

  2. Apple cider vinegar is on my pantry shelf, William. It is good for many things. I have to hold my nose when I drink it, though.

  3. Strange! Happy of the happiest time at Christmas!
    And, yet, we still get nostalgic....! Bless!

    And, Audrey! Audrey! Forget about the sitting ducks.
    You could'nt handle one....Stick to the smaller ones!
    With those lovely ears, you should hear them a mile

  4. My parents old garage was a favorite spot for any cat that found the kitty entrance. We couldn't stand to see cats outside in bad weather, either. A couple litter boxes, water and dry food were kept in there. A few old throws became beds.

  5. Oh Audrey, you do have the best expressions on your little face! Stay Warm Deb. I know the feral's worry you so and it's hard to think of how they survive. Hugs!


  6. Yes, it is a wintery day here in our part of Ontario, the snow started just before lunch time and is coming down quite steadily. Stay warm and safe.

  7. I hope you continue to be on the mend and are back to full strength soon. I know what you mean about the ferals, it's always hard seeing them out in the elements. So wish there was an option.

    Purrs to you as you remember beloved Mr Ed. He will always live in your heart, which is lovely and is not the same as being in physical, furry form. purrs...

  8. A friend like Mr. Ed is always a part of your heart.
    I am glad to hear you are doing better.
    xo Catherine

  9. Who will feed the feral cats when you are gone? Is your daughter staying there? Speaking of homeless cats. Last Friday we adopted a sweet, sweet little 3/4 month old Calico who had been dumped in the desert. With two cats we didn't want more, but she needed us. Miranda eats like a pig, plays and is starting to play with our version of Audrey.

  10. Happy to hear you are feeling better Deb! Watching Christmas movies is always fun. I am looking forward to doing the same when my kitchen is finished. Take care!

    Madelief x

  11. Love your cat pictures! that expression is priceless. As for the ferals, we too do what we can and they seem to appreciate it.
    Regarding sore throats, my remedy is eating a clove of raw garlic. If you don't like garlic, this may seem really icky, but it always works for me. Onion and garlic are natural antibiotics.

  12. I started to comment several times yesterday and found I, too, couldn't manage the words. Ed was special Deb, never a doubt about that. When I got up this morning and saw the little candle I lit for him yesterday still burning I felt like he was here with me.
    One amazing thing: I had eye surgery a while back and wasn't sure my tear duct would ever be functional.
    (Usually I cry in one eye only). When I saw Eds beautiful face undexpectedly the tears came so fast and with such force, my bad eye teared! The miracle of Ed. He's alive in my heart too.

  13. Snow here too (Syracuse NY area). Your post today is quite teary-eyed producing. Sweet Mr Ed. And then the ferals. But thankfully Audrey keeps us smiling. Love the blankie photo of the dear rascal. Hope you get to feeling 100% very soon. Hugs.

  14. Audrey is such a hoot! Her facial expressions and the comments are perfect together.

    May you continue to feel better. Love & Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  15. Last winter was the coldest and snowiest here in Michigan, and my ferals made it through amazingly well. I know that doesn't help stop the worry about them, but they are adaptable and have terrific survival instincts. Are there straw-filled shelters for them? Then, with access to clean, fresh water and some food, they will do well. But I understand your pain; I simply want to scoop my ferals up and hide 'em in my bedroom!

  16. You are the only other person on the planet that I know uses silver! I have killed many a cold with that stuff! My trick is to pour it into an empty nasal spray bottle (like NasalCrom) that will mist it into your nose. At the first sign of a cold I use it about once an hour. Most times I can be symptom free in just a day! It's more effective than taking it orally, I think, because it goes right to your sinuses and throat. Happy silvering! ha. Glad you're better!

    That Audrey cracks me up!