Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Catching up and Happy New Year.

Today will be spent at home to give a sore shoulder a rest. After helping move some rather large objects at the property, my shoulder is now protesting and I am on muscle relaxers which, by the way, knock you off your feet. I also want to catch up on grooming the cats and dog. Everyone needs a nail trimming (Sorry, Audrey but that includes you) and I want to keep a close eye on Lily as she is showing signs of her age and becoming more frail. She lives by the gas-stove on her cushions and wakes up on and off to have a bite to eat or use the box. She sleeps most of the day now and her feedings are smaller but more often throughout the day. I also add warm water to her soft food now to get more liquid into her wee body. She still enjoys Annie's company and every day now that we have her in our life I feel is a gift.

Most of the Christmas decor is put away but the little bird tree will stay for awhile longer.
The bright lights and the beautiful birds give you a lift on these cold, wintry days.

Yes, the cold is back (-16C) and those warmer and cloudy days are behind us. I put down a good feed of dry food for the ferals last night. They will have to forego the soft food until the temperatures rise.

Work continues at the property. The retired-guy is there now making plans for the next few weeks. The insulation, walls and floor are to be done next in the mouse- house. We have a keen team that are ready to finish it up even in this cold so I expect this should go quickly. At that point we should be able to get our occupancy permit and will begin the move.

So the new year will bring many changes and lots of excitement for us. I hope to keep posting so I can share our move with you all. I know there will be days when I need your encouragement which is something I have come to realize I can find here. I thank you so much for that.
                                 A mouse for the mouse-house. Thank you, Susan.
"Happy New Year to everyone" and I hope your year is filled with much love and countless blessings. Thank you so much for your friendship throughout the past year.

Please hug your kitties for me
and stay toasty,



  1. Hope your shoulder feels better soon.I was banned from log lifting the other day,I think Chris just wanted to make sure I'd be fit to cook dinner!
    Jane x

  2. Take it easy Deb! I have done that way too much this year (overdoing) and my body has told me so! Give Lily a lot of sweet purrs from me.

  3. Best wishes to you and yours, furry and non, Deb! I hope your new year is full of wonderful things. I am looking forward to your new adventures in the Mouse House! Give that precious frail girl and little hug from me.

  4. I will hug my best buddy, Ben.

    Happy new year, Deb!

  5. Oh, you do write the sweetest posts. Lily is just precious. I will give Bickett, Dumperoo, and Smokey a hug. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Hope Lily is comfortable...I had the same with our late Taffy♥️
    The move will go smoothly....I just know it will....
    You seem like a calm sensible gal....and will see to everything
    Keep us posted....
    Loved getting to know you better this year....
    Cheers! My friend...
    Happy New Year!
    Linda :o)

  7. I'll give my past cats all a mental hug. (We're looking forward to visiting the shelter for new kitties in the spring) Soothing warm thoughts to Lily. And Happy New Year to you all.

  8. Good luck on the nail trimming exercise; am sure Audrey will put up a fuss! I too have to give the ferals only kibble while it's so cold, and break the ice off of the water bucket! Hope the shoulder pain eases quickly, and Happy New Year!

  9. Lily is so lucky to have you. Tuppence is lucky to have me too, but she still scolds me a lot when evening comes. She wants me to follow her upstairs to bed. No kidding! Cute mouse you have there, and your header is so pretty! I will be sure to hug Tuppence for you. :-))

  10. Kisses to sweet Lily. I need to do nail-trimming too. Hope things go smoothly with the completion of the mouse-house and the upcoming move. Happy new year!

  11. God bless you and your precious Lily. She's a lucky cat to be so cherished.

  12. Sorry we haven't visited in a while. We hear there are quite a few changes in your life. We wish you the best with all of them.

  13. Lily...she's such a sweet old gal. I hope the move isn't too much stress for her.

    The mouse house is really coming along! It got cold here, too, today...brrr....hope your shoulder is better soon!

  14. How are you going to groom animals with a bad shoulder? Yikes. I'm sorry to hear about Lily. My Utah is at exactly the same stage except that he eats a lot. But, that's due to a thyroid problem. It's so hard when you know you time with them is almost through.

  15. Sending out purrs, barks, and prayers to you and yours for the New Year! And your sweet Lily will be in my thoughts. My old girl Rosie started slowing down years ago. She's now 21 and spends most of her time on her favorite couch, but she still loves to cuddle, purr, talk, and eat (she gets breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between in bed).

  16. Ahhh... moving is such a change for all creatures... us, too. Wishing a smooth, sweet move for each and every one of you. blessings ~ tanna

  17. Happy New Year, Deb! Exciting times ahead for all of you. Moving isn't easy, even when you want to -- but so nice when it's over! Take care of the shoulder and the beautiful Lily.
    Hugs and purrs.....

  18. Deb, I haven't been reading faithfully through these last few weeks. Catching up myself these days. Didn't know you hurt your shoulder. Hope it is mending well. Do you have a date for moving into your new place? With this weather, I'm sure things have been delayed a bit. Please keep us updated.