Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And the construction begins.

I hope all my Canadian friends had a very Happy Thanksgiving. Our family will celebrate this coming weekend with us when our lives calm down a little and we can enjoy entertaining with a big family dinner.  I am looking forward to having them all home.

Our Fall weather has brought out all the sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens again. I picked up the knitting needles this week, too, after having them stored away over the summer. I think I'll try to be a little more creative this season.

We have summer-like weather today. Rain is in the forcast for the next few days which will hamper our building but it should soon pass.

Our grands, Riley and Brad came out to the lot to have a ride on the old tractor yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and the leaves are still quite pretty. Nothing like a week ago, though.  I somehow talked them into sitting on the bench at the gate for a photo with Nan although it's obvious Brad has other ideas. Ry is always a ham for the camera.

I wanted to show you some of the construction on our lot. I have so many photos but will not bore you with too many at once. This is the start of the construction; mostly the foundation being prepared. If you are a 2 year old boy you will love this. ;-b

Keep in mind this is a carriage-house.
We will be 'tiny home dwellers' for awhile.
"God, give me strength"

If you are short of me.

We are surrounded by at least 50 maples

Filling in the foundation.
Ok then...definitely not the pretty part.

If you're still here...bless you. The next post will be of the building itself.

I have been hanging bird-feeders on the lot to let them all know I am here to feed them this winter. While sitting on the bench with the kids I noticed a chickadee visiting one of the feeders.
I hope he tells his friends.

I'm off to kitty-sit two black beauties.
I can't end this without showing you a cat photo.
Audrey and I were looking at her baby pictures this morning.

Here she is at 4 weeks. 

Thanks for coming by and hope you have a great day.
hugs, Deb


  1. Isn't lovely watching other people work....
    It's really looking good, and, l do love those
    huge machines, just to watch, mind you, if
    l sat in one, l would'nt know which button to
    push...If it has buttons that is! :>).

    AND...Finally! Audrey! Audrey! Audrey!
    Bless! Bless! Bless!
    I'm lost for words...2 weeks old....Bless!xxx

  2. Wow, starting already, eh? It must be a bit frightening starting a job like that, but exciting, too. It's always exciting making a dream into reality. And who would have thought that little kitten would grow into the personality she is now.

  3. No wonder you adopted Audrey--so tiny and needy!
    We are waiting on weather here to begin installing electric and septic at the Amish farm. We do have a bit more leeway in terms of winter's arrival than you have in Ontario.

  4. Oh, that is so exciting! So much happening already! I love stuff like this....we put two additions on our home when our boys were little...boy, did they love the dirt mountains and big rig scoops!

    That baby picture of Audrey is adorable.

  5. Wow! Big heavy machinery! Angle and Chuck would be hiding if they were anywhere near that! Little Audrey as a wee bairn is just too precious!

  6. Oh Deb, every one of our six grandsons would love to be in your yard with all those big ghanda-ghandas (Zulu for tractor/any big yellow machine) How sweet is that little baby you're going to kitty-sit. Jo

  7. What an exciting undertaking! Thanks for taking us along with your photos...

  8. It is so exciting Deb! I do think the small home experience will be interesting?!>? You, the retired guy and the cats! FUN!. What a gorgeous place you will be living in though. So tiny was miss audrey! Hugs, Linda

  9. Fifty maples--oh, the fall color! Save those rocks for landscaping--the grands will love them, too :)

    Audrey looked so tiny and helpless. Obviously, didn't foretell her personality!

  10. Wow Deb! how quickly the construction goes! With all those beautiful maples there will be a lot of chickadees visiting you soon... Aw Little Audrey what a pretty baby face! You were so sweet and adorable and you still are!

  11. AWESOME Deb!!! Wow things are really happening :)
    You are right tho ..... none of those boys look like Pierce LOL
    Enjoy the family this weekend...

  12. What a beautiful place to build a home. It's amazing, the progress you are making. Oh that picture of baby Audrey. She still has that same look, doesn't she. I am so excited for you. Reminds me of the days we began work on our place in the country. You do have beautiful grandchildren!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm not a two year old boy and I loved seeing all the progress that is being made on your carriage. Hard to believe you will have it completed in time to move in before winter. Looking forward to the next photos. As for Audrey's baby picture, I think you can see some of her personality in that little face. Great photo of you and the grandkids.

  14. Oh Deb,

    How exciting! I loved seeing all of the photos - not boring at all! Can't wait for more.

    The winter birds are going to be awfully glad you are their new neighbor!

    Audrey was a delight even then. Too cute.

    Lily, Wa, USA

  15. Looking good!
    Was that before Retired Guy hurt his back?
    Ps.....glad your veggies were delish!

  16. All those Maples! Lucky you. Your land has been blessed. Those big rocks will work beautifully when incorporated in the landscaping.
    Speaking of beautiful, Audrey was such an gorgeous kitty. She had her
    great jungle cat look even then.
    A look I just happen to love. Wouldn't you love to know what her dad looked like? I don't think I've ever seen such an expressive cat face!

  17. That's going to be such a lot of work!

    Audrey was such a cutie pie! Of course, she still is.

  18. Isn't it amazing how houses are built?
    Audrey was such a fuzzball of cute!
    Jane x

  19. How exciting! The building is under way!
    Please keep the pictures coming. Can't wait to see the walls go up.

    Audrey, you were the cutest baby. And you're still cute as a young adult. Some girls are lovely no matter what their age.

  20. Aww. Audrey is adorable then and now.

    The location of your future home is lovely. It looks as though you are on a mountain top. Beautiful.

  21. What an adorable baby Audrey was!

    Gordon and I lived in a 700SF house for a year. We rented it when we moved back from out west. It was us and three cats at the time. I actually really enjoyed it, but after a year I was ready to move into something bigger!

    1. It will be us and 5 animals so I'm not very hopeful that this will go well but I'll do my best. Gary will be fine since he will have a somewhat big garage to hang out in. I'll be counting the days...