Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do-it-yourself cat beds

Here are some cute and trendy do-it-yourself cat beds.

Love this one...

Planter Bed

Two-paws-up for this one...

Not too sure about these. I can see Audrey rolling off and falling on her noggin.

These are all cheap, fun and look very comfy; including the last one if you happen to have some big cushions lying around. No need to buy the expensive beds anymore.
I am always looking for 'cheap' ways to care for and entertain the cats. I don't believe we should be spending a pile of money on all these beds, toys, treats and whatnot when a cat appreciates the cheaper version just as much if it does the trick.
Remember a post I did awhile back about making a cheap toy for your active cat? Take an empty toilet paper roll and place some treats in the center. Fill both ends with tissue paper and throw it on the floor.  Cheap, easy, fun and no big companies get richer. I like that.
hugs, Deb


  1. Some great ideas which won't break the bank - my girls would love all/any of those. I shall have to have a scout round, see what we've got that could do with a makeover.

  2. A cardboard box usually keeps Pops happier than any bed I have spent money on. In fact at the moment she loves her bubble wrap blankie, a big square of bubble wrap on my bed that she loves snoozing on.

  3. Love, Love, Love these! The one from the old dresser/desk? is just amazing- I think i have my next project! :)

  4. And cats are very good at making beds out of anything around the house. These are great ideas!

  5. So funny how you can purchase the very best for felines and they will prefer a discarded cardboard box, or freshly line dried clothes basket. Some great ideas here though .... x

  6. We love looking at all of the original feline bed designs available. However, I have exactly 2 cats and 4 beds in the living room. My sister says it looks like a half dozen cats live here!

  7. I just love the suitcases. lol

  8. Very nice beds. I like the second one. Maybe I do one like that.


  9. How cute! I love that first one. When I rescued Gizmo, I made him a little bed with an old soda crate and a big fluffy towel.

  10. Best cat bed in my house? An old bright green chenille sweater, folded and on my desk. It's heaven to work with a purring soundtrack!

  11. All are cute, but my fav's are the suitcase and crate beds. Purr-fect!

  12. The crate beds look good!

    My parents never had cat beds around... the cats would just sleep whereever they liked. I remember one liked a rug beneath the kitchen table in the winter, because there was a heating pipe that ran beneath the floor right there. Otherwise it would be a chair, the couch, or a bed upstairs.