Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Long live King Ed

Annie's not sure what to make of a chicken in the house.
She is quite curious of it so it must smell like the farm to her even though it had a good soap and hot water bath last night.

We had beautiful weather yesterday.
I finally got some pansies and petunias planted around the apple tree.
 Me and St. Francis of Assisi aka Frank.
The rest will be seeded with grass.
They'll fill in soon.
I looked over to see Mr. Ed standing on the deck fast asleep. He often will fall asleep standing up. He loves to wobble around the yard as the retired guy works out there. He does his walk-about and has his favorite spots to check out. He still makes me laugh at the age of 25 now.
I'm sure if you were close enough you could hear the zzzzzzz's.
Oops...sorry Ed. I guess I woke him.

I mentioned before in a post that since we lost our beautiful Cali last Fall, Ed has taken over the top position in our multi-cat household.
It is very subtle, but you see it during feeding time and as he makes choices where to sleep.
He is such an excellent TOP CAT because he is kind and loving to all the others. Often a cat with the greatest calmness and self-assurance will claim the position. That is the case with Ed.
Cali...she was a diva from day one.

I'm joining Cats on Tuesday at

"Long live the King"

hugs, Deb


  1. It was a hard decision for me to "adopt" a 9 year old cat, but I've never regretted it, especially seeing the longevity of Sir Ed. I resound..."long live the King!" XOXO

  2. Mr Ed reminds me so much of the Siamese we inherited. Wobbly legs,falling asleep where he stood...aaaaah.
    Glad you had great weather, it poured with rain and was cold here.
    Jane x

  3. I just love Ed...bless his heart! Glad you are able to garden finally! Beautiful!!

  4. I just love Ed! Bless his heart! Glad you are finally able to garden..beautiful!!

  5. Ed sounds like a wonderful cat. he knows how to enjoy life. At his age, he's earned it.

  6. not so much a pecking order, but a kitty one... they work out it, don't they. Gorgeous boy. I adore older cats and wouldn't hesitate to adopt one (I know I have to manage losing them, but if I can give some happy times, that is a comfort). we have been out of the loop, so its lovely to be visiting. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  7. Mr Ed makes me smile with his standing snooze! I think I really appreciate the older kitties....Charlie is almost 15 and just a sweetie...well most of the time!

  8. Arthur would have helped you ! as soon as you plant, as soon he takes them out. the earth is so nice and soft, lol !

  9. Oh, sweet Ed! He is very endearing.

  10. Mr. Ed is such a beautiful cat...shhh we won't tell we know his age :)
    Love your St. Francis statue, it's my favorite statue in the garden.
    Your flowers will soon take over beneath the apple tree and look gorgeous.

  11. Mr. Ed is a fine and stately gentleman! Isn't it difficult to know when to plant this year? I'm so behind but I still don't trust the weather.

  12. What a great age mr Ed has!! He looks like a very sophisticated cat :-)

    Lovely shoots of you and your garden!

    Happy day Deb!

    Madelief x

  13. Mr. Ed's a grand fellow!

    My parents had a St. Francis statue in the garden... I always called it Frankie. My mother would roll her eyes.

  14. Bless Mr. Ed! He's a sweetie. I adopted Waddles when she was 9 years old. She was my first cat and my baby. She lived to be 21 years old. She taught me so much and made my life better.

  15. Sounds like Ed is a worthy king, Deb. Your yard is looking beautiful! blessings ~ tanna

  16. You are a good planter! With my arm in a sling for a bit, I won't be planting much of anything. I love your cats -- Lizzie had her first leash experience this weekend and did pretty well.

  17. "Be happy, be a gardener" the saying goes...though sometimes too much gardening makes our back pain.
    I love St. Frances of Assissi,he is my favourite saint and always ask him to protect my beloved family(bipeds and cuadrupeds)
    Ed, sweety, you are my favourite oldie I send you a little kiss and a gentle hug.
    Annie, muñequita, be patient with the newcomer... he is here to stay!

  18. Beautiful yard. Good to see Frank watching out for the wild life there, too =)
    I love you, Mr. Ed ♥

  19. Those are some great photos of the garden. I do not think that I have ever heard of a twenty five year old cat like Mr. Ed. It sounds like he is a good candidate for top cat. Those are some adorable photos of all of the cats as well.

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