Saturday, June 15, 2013

One last sun-puddle

It was a beautiful June day today; a great day to kick around outside. I spent all of the morning with our grand-daughter and much of the day walking Kane. He had a good run off-leash and later a very relaxed walk as the sun went down.  He's a tired dog tonight.

Annie squeezed in the last little sun-puddle before calling it a day.

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. Tomorrow we celebrate  the wonderful dads in our family and  my birthday together.
I'm gearing up for cake. It makes getting one year older almost worth it.

Have a great Sunday. "Happy Father's Day " to all you great dads.  
hugs, Deb


  1. That sounds like such a nice day outside with Riley and Kane!
    Enjoy yourself tomorrow - especially that cake!
    Lily, WA, USA

  2. Happy birthday to you Deb, and happy fathers day to the retired guy. Hope you get plenty more sunbeams to share.

    Julie and poppy Q

  3. I so agree about the cake! Our grandson turns 5 in 11 days...the countdown begins--remember when we felt that way, XOXO

  4. Don't you just love the 'sunspot' photos. My cats sometimes look so content in their sunspots, that I have to lay on the floor and join them.

  5. That is a sweet pic of Annie.
    Enjoy that cake!!

  6. Cake and cats. It's all worth it! Joy!

  7. Happy Birthday Miss Gemini, I am one too, I love your blog and your cats and your doggie too...Your such a wonderful animal lover particularly kitteh cats, but your doggie sounds so sweet too! I love love love your teacup collections, I love tea a lot and when I look at your blog daily I make sure to use my tea cups my grandmother gave to me, it reminds me she is in my heart and with me daily...Have a most wonderful day and May God continue to bless your with great health, love from those you adore and lots of kitteh cats and wonderful doggie in your life!!!!!!!!!XX()()()()XXXXX