Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Keep your old picture frames

While I have my first coffee of the day

Audrey entertains me in her little bit of paradise.

This has been her favorite place to play since I brought it home. I just keep adding delightful toys and she never loses interest.

This is my grand-kitty, Cooper. 

He was a big part of the birthday/Father's Day celebration so I thought I'd show him to you once again. He's one of my favorite felines.

I have many cat photos as you must imagine and I have never displayed them up until now. An artist client of mine (3 charming black and whites) found this cute way to display photos on pinterest. She had a frame hanging on her wall and I spotted it. So, being the copy-cat that I am, I made a small version of hers until I find the perfect frame next time I go junking. The cat on bottom right is her cat, Rosie.

Easy-peasy and kind of cute.
All you need is a frame and some picture wire.
Then something to hold the photos such as these clips from the dollar store. This way you can change the photos anytime you wish without having to fuss with the glass and borders. So don't throw those old frames out. Recycle them. I need to find one that is quite large as all my cat photos are taken vertically and paint it white, of course.

hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey's scratching wave looks so new.

  2. I love that frame with the kitty photos! What a clever idea. Pinterest is great for that sort of thing :)

  3. Lovely pictures. They are so cute.


  4. I heart Cooper. And that's a terrific idea!

  5. Audrey is irresistable, as always. And Cooper's a handsome looking fellow.

  6. Audrey has 'that' look on her face again!
    Jane x

  7. Love the idea . People are so creative, aren't they. I've got very little wall space. I envy you. Got one of the upgraded electronic photo frames with slide show feature and it does ok.
    Cooper is beautiful! Hope to see more of him.

  8. Great idea, the photos, XOXO

  9. What a fun idea! I can use this with my ICADs, too.

  10. That is a cute idea!
    xo Catherine