Thursday, June 6, 2013

In the kitchen with Julia

I made mac and cheese last night and when I went to dish it out it seemed just a little dry to me. But I remembered this quote from Julia Child and said nothing. The retired-guy was just about done the meal and he said "This was great." Then I said, "A bit dry". He replied, "I loved it."
End of story.

I have a couple of Julia's cookbooks and I also enjoyed her book about her life with cats.
She adored them and the book really shows you the soft side of this remarkable woman.

Her cats were always in the kitchen as she cooked. The story is based mostly around one very special cat named Minette.
They met in Paris; Julia was cooking and Minette was hunting mice. They
developed a bond that was unbreakable.

Our kitchen cat, Sierra would have loved knowing Julia.
And Julia would have loved her.

If you are looking for a book to add to your library, pick this one up. It is filled with rare, personal photos of Julia and the fortunate cats that crossed her path.

My favorite JC quote...
"A party without cake is really just a meeting."

hugs, Deb


  1. I've heard about this one -- the title, at least -- but nothing ABOUT it! It sounds quite wonderful and it will definitely be on my list. Not just a "reader" but a "keeper" too!

    Thanks for this and the wonderful photos of my one of my favorite women -- and topics (food and felines!)

  2. Great minds think alike? I wrote a post in April at about Julia, too. Love the picture of Sierra!

  3. I never quite trust people who don't like cats - they're missing out on so much.

  4. I love that book ( so do the kitties). Sierra looks quite chic in her chefs hat.


  5. I loved this book! I thought I knew everything about Julia, but learned so much through the cats she fell in love with, XOXO

  6. That is going on my wishlist for sure!
    Jane x

  7. Thank you Deb, I never realised she was a cat lady. It's going on my wish list too!!! Sierra looks quite "The Master Cat" in that hat!!

  8. I love that Julia quote! My dear grandma, bless her heart, always talks about how things went wrong with her cooking while we're eating her meals. We've learned to accept it at this point, and we always reassure her that it tastes great, but she always belittles her efforts.

    Love the photos of Julia with the cats!

  9. I have never read this book . I love the movie Julie and Julia but it didn't have anything about her with cats guess they didn't tell all about her ! I will have to look out for this book sounds wonderful . Thanks for sharing love kitty in the chef hat ! Have a good day !

  10. Love Jabblog's comment. I always ask them WHICH cats they don't like. Aren't they all different? I didn't know Julia had a cat book and I'll be sure to hunt it up. Thanks!

  11. I didn't know she had cats!

    Sierra looks quite fitting that way.

  12. Gosh, I had forgotten this book. I read her book, My Life in France, last summer and loved it. Then I wanted to read her cat book, and you have now reminded me. I MUST get this book! Thanks for the recommendation. I love that photo of Sierra!

  13. What lovely combination:cooking and cats♥
    I didn´t know about Julia' life and books. And her words are true..I often apologize because the food is not salty enough or for serving the same dish again but i think it´s because we want to give the best to our dear ones...the other day I made a pasta frola for mate time(a pie filled with quincy jelly) the oven was too hot and it burnt a little in the base... when Itold my husband he answered: "I didn´t even noticed, it was great for me I´d like another slice, please".
    I will look for Julia´s book and Sierra,darling, you are the sweetest kitchen cat♥

  14. I've gotta get this book. I loved My Life in France but didn't know she had a book about her and cats...

  15. I loved Julia's Cats too! I just returned from a trip to France...I could just imagine her there with her cat!

  16. I am adding this to my list of books to get. I think a party without cake is a meeting also :)

  17. Oh thank you! I never knew about her love of cats either; I must remember to ask for this for a birthday or Christmas... I love Sierra's hat! My three cats would never sit still for that. She looks absolutely fetching!

  18. Didn't know Julia was a cat lover.
    Just ordered the book from the local library. Can't wait to read it.
    Thanks for posting about it!

  19. I am a cat-fanatic too : )
    I will have to look for those books with Julia and her cats, I had no idea about that side of her .. she always made me smile when i heard that remarkable voice and humor of her's !
    Joy : )
    PS Sierra is one patient kitty ! LOL
    My girls are on my side bar posing away ^..^ ^..^

  20. She was an awesome woman. I don't often cook for friends, but often about the coming together and having a meal, and like you i often want to point out the errors in my cooking, but after reading that quote, I am not going to say anything either.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  21. I ordered Julia's book over the weekend. I can't wait for it to arrive.