Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snack time

It is very hot and humid here right now. I'm busy running from house to house caring for stay-at-home cats and checking off my board as I go. I'm very organized which probably raises an eye on those who knew me years back.  Funny how you change with age. I keep track of my cats with a black board, a calendar and a day-book. That way, no one gets missed.

I stopped home to have a snack and thought I'd show you one of my favorite blue and white tea-cups. I use this china in the summer for my herbal teas. I drink hot tea all summer as I'm not much for iced-tea but if you add 1/2 lemonade to 1/2 iced-tea it is delicious.

I enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey tea with an apple scone. So good!

This is called Countryside. Made in England. I do have a pair but as you can see I do a lot of mixing and matching. More fun, I think.

This is my favorite blue and white tea-pot.

and with my tea today I had to add some honey.
Fresh from Natalie's bee farm.
Hands down this is the best honey ever and I know my honey.
Drop by Natalie's to learn all there is to know about raising bees, chickens & ducks. You'll meet her wonderful doggies and of course, my all time favorite, her four cats.

Here are a couple of the kittens that were at our local pet store last Saturday. They were brought in just for the day to hopefully find a loving home. Aren't they so sweet.
 I hope these two find a home together.

                              "Hey, where's my snack?"
"You look evil,  Audrey. But then I expect you have been practicing all morning."                                                                                   

I'm joining Sandi at for HOME.
hugs, Deb


  1. How interesting that this passion of yours has developed into a thriving business!!! Congratulations!!! Wish you were here in the Eastern Sierras...I worry so about my kitties when we're gone!!!

  2. Scones are just right with tea!

    While I usually have my tea with obscene amounts of sugar, every once in awhile I'll add in honey.

    Audrey, are you plotting world domination again?

  3. Those two kittens are so precious, I would take them both in a heartbeat!!! I love the way you mix and match your blue and white. I just found two Burleigh Calico blue cups and saucer at a flea market for 12 bucks each. They are in perfect condition. What a thrill, as I collect the calico pattern. Perfect for Earl Gray!
    Audrey does look a little evil sometimes, she must practice that look in the mirror!

  4. Here in the States we call half lemonade and half iced tea an Arnold Palmer ----it was a favorote of his. I love it.

  5. Your blue and white plates and cups are so beautiful! I wish I could drink hot tea year round but it makes me so hot in the summertime that I always drink iced. I grew up drinking iced sweet tea so I still drink a lot of that now. Those cats from the pet store are adorable! I hope they can find a home together.

  6. I like Earl Grey with lemon. Otherwise I drink fruit tea infusions - good hot and equally good tepid and cold. Those kittens are adorable - I hope they find a loving home.

  7. I was reading that and then my honey appeared! I am so very glad you like it and I will be sure to save my best for you this year! I'll get you some before it granulates.

    I drink hot tea all summer too. You always make it look so elegant, unlike me with my favourite chipped mug, given to me by my friend back in 1980!

  8. PS You guys will have to come out here for a visit sometime. I can show you the farm and then Ronna and I can take you on a tour of lovely Glengarry! :)

    1. I would love that. I just need to let things slow down here awhile and then I will be chompin' at the bit to come for a visit. It would be nice to see you guys again, too when you need more bee supplies.

    2. I will definitely beeee back, not to worry. Ronna too! :)

  9. Audrey looks a little more crabilated than usual.

  10. I am simply wild about the blue and white colors -- these may be my favorite tea cups! LOVELY!

  11. The honey looks delicious. What pretty blue and white china. Cute pic of Audrey and those sweet kittens.

  12. Audrey, that is a menacing look. PRECIOUS kittens! I so hope they find a home. I love your tea cup stash.

  13. My mom have a cup of hot chocolate & strawberry biscuit while reading your blog... Yum ! Here is still winter and it's so good to have a cuddle : )
    ((((( hugs ))))
    Miss you too

  14. We agree with W.K. We see world domination written all over Audrey's face!
    Hot tea year 'round here too! Couldn't live without it.

  15. That cup with the small landscape painted on it captures a blustery day perfectly. And Audrey must have the most expressive face this side of a silent film star.

  16. I love your blue and white and they look so pretty in your cabinet. I drink hot tea all year round too, Deb. My hubby perfers iced tea in the summertime but I still like mine hot. I never take sweetener in my tea just sometimes lemon. If I did though it would be honey. Those kittens are adorable and I hope they find a good home. Enjoy the long Canada Day weekend and thanks for stopping by my HOME.