Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday morning kickin' back.

Sunday morning.
 And while the rain falls, we, including the cats, feel kinda lazy. Sierra  is full up to her ears with her favorite soft food; Eagle Pack Holistic Chicken. The cats get a variety of food dished out but this is one of the favorites amongst the five.

It's been a hot, busy weekend.  Cat-sitting, Junkin' and work at the property made it go by quickly.

Who's the smart one here?

While we work out in the heat being eaten by mosquitoes, Kane waits in the shade with his water close by. Is that a smurk I see?

Finished up with a trip over to the Log Farm Antiques in Beckwith to do some 'junkin'. The retired-guy came home empty-handed but not me. Not when I came face to face with these babies.

I found the silverware in the bottom of a barrel.
No..that dish is not for Audrey. Nope, never, eh eh, no way.

                                                                     "Oh, really."
                       "We'll just see. Is that a farm cat I smell on you?"

If you are in the area and have never dropped in to this farm, I recommend it. There's lots of great items inside and out and you can enjoy meeting the farm cats walking around, too.

Hope your weekend was a good one.

Hugs, Deb


  1. I get so happy when I see pictures of Audrey because she is so much like my Peps.


  2. Great photo of Kane!! And oh my! beautiful blue and white finds!! Lovely lovely! Audrey's catitude makes me chuckle every time.

  3. I love the blue china...I collect Flow Blue and this reminded me of my pieces. I wish Audrey and Rosie could meet one day; it would be interesting. XOXO

  4. I've just recently discovered your blog and I ***love*** it!

  5. You photos are just wonderful, Deb! I especially love the first one. :)

    You really scored on your outing to the Farm. Excellent finds! blessings ~ tanna

  6. More blue and white! YeeHaw! Teddy is has his heart checkup today. Fingers crossed! Kane is no dummy. Hugs to all!

    Purrrs ......

  7. Oh, do these guys ever look happy! Love it! And that blue/white cup and saucer!

  8. Kane looks entirely pleased with himself!