Monday, June 17, 2013

Collars for cats

Yes, she looks miserable but really that's just her look. She is a cat of many faces. But, she is also known to lose her collar often. I was always reluctant to put a collar on a cat because I worried about the cat getting caught on something or choking.  Now, they have safety collars that allow the cat to pull it's head out of the collar if it ever gets into a situation where it is caught. These collars do work and Sierra has proven that by working her way out of the collar just because she doesn't like them. Never use a collar on a cat that does not have the safety mechanism. Always test the safety link on the collar before leaving it on the cat. 
Only about 2% of cats brought into shelters are re-united with their owners. It is much higher with dogs. One of the reasons is that the dogs arrive with collars and the cats do not.
Other than a microchip, a collar with ID and a phone # is the only way a cat can communicate if lost. 

When fitting a collar, you should be able to put your index and middle finger under the collar when closed. If done properly, it will be comfortable for your cat. Remember, if fitting a collar to a cat that is not full-grown yet, you must check often to be sure the collar is not too tight as the cat grows and adjust it accordingly. 

Sierra is the only cat in our household that wears a collar. She is our indoor/outdoor cat although she never leaves the property. She sits on our front porch most of the day.
I don't recommend collars on cats that are indoor only. 


  1. Wise advice.
    About a decade ago I discovered a cat in the stables of the Wyoming ranch where we worked at the time. The owners had put a flea collar on her, way too tightly. She was an outdoor cat. The collar had cut into her neck--a nasty mess.
    I was able to remove the collar and do some preliminary clean up before she was taken to the vet for a course of antibiotics.

  2. At one time, I had three cats that went outdoors. I put the breakaway colours on them and they all came home without them the first day. I have a sneaking hunch they took them off on purpose. I think you need to get them used to collars when they are young and I'm going to try it with the next one.

  3. Good advice Deb. Miss Pops is an indoor/outdoor cat. I got her microchipped as a little kitten. She wore a collar for a while but kept losing them.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. No collars on my indoor kitties, but my Mom's cat has one and he 'loses' it all the time. Sierra is so sweet and I know she enjoys her porch time.

  5. She does look unhappy but that's my look too so I understand. I don't wear a collar though so don't know what that's like. Hugs GJ x

  6. She looks rather sleepy, actually...

  7. Great tips on safety collars for outdoor cats. Sierra seems meditating on the new one...if it is useful and necessary or not... I love her expresions, she resembles my Felipe and he always looks like that. I call him " Sad little eyes"...but he is the happpiest cat in the world!♥