Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Spring brings much life to Fox Grove

There are babies all over Fox Grove; fox, squirrels, tree swallows, house wrens and chipmunks.

Mama house wren

Pa & ma tree swallow
 And I know by all the noise in our maples that we have blue jays nesting up there along with black crows. Yesterday I spotted two baby piliated wood peckers.
The woodpile behind the veggie garden is full of chipmunk nests and I hear babies 'chirping' in the wood-lot but have no idea what they are. It's like a maternity wing around here.

And my tree frog, Tao, is back in his bird house and settled right in.
Look up.
 I really hope he stays all summer. He is comic relief. He loves to watch me garden
and yes, I talk to him. :))) He moves his head from side to side when I do.
So he has an identity crisis. 

We have a lone wild turkey living in our woodlot and sleeping in the trees.
She is alone and that bothers me. So, I have adopted her in the way that I feed her daily and refer to her as Thelma. I feel sorry for her as I expect she has been shunned from her flock for some reason. Last fall we had many flocks of wild turkeys feeding here and now we have one lone female. Something happened. She is very nervous when she sees anyone and will run towards the woodlot only to return in a few hours to the feeders again. I put apples and seed out for her at dinner-time each and every evening so she can depend on something. I hope she finds a mate unless this is her preferred life-style. lol

The summer is when I enjoy displaying my pottery in my cluttered country cottage china cupboard. And hopefully find a few more lovely pieces on our excursions.

Our lilac season is nearing the end. It's been wonderful having these beautiful and fragrant blossoms to enjoy.

And these two are doing great.
Annie's health is good and Wilson has a love for life.
And we sure love them.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

be kind,


  1. OH MY, look at all the babies! The frog in the bird house is too adorable. Are you moving into the big house soon?

  2. Ah! Bless! Look! Fox cubs..their lovely,
    though rather naughty when they get older..
    Thankfully fox hunting has been banned over
    here in the UK..though they still go out, on
    a false scent..their allowed to do that, but
    some are caught chasing, catching and killing
    foxes..then up in court with a heavy fine!

    And..the frog in the bird box..that's lovely,
    l bet he's happy..happy..HeHe! Can he fly yet..! :).
    I 'toad' you so...!!!

    Turkeys...not clear why some Turkeys prefer to live
    Hen turkeys live in flocks with their female offspring.
    Oftentimes, several hens and their offspring will combine
    flocks, so it's quite common to see 50 or more birds together.
    The Cornell Lab or Ornithology reports that some winter flocks
    can consist of 200 turkeys....They do interact with each other
    within a flock...

    Pleased to see the furry ones are enjoying life...They look great!
    Oh! Any news of Simon...Hope he's o.k. Bless him! :).

  3. That frog in the bird house is the funniest thing I’ve saw in a long time! It made my day! I love Wilson’s approach to life lol,, I also love your pottery!

  4. Yay for Spring!! We love that everything is coming back to life.
    We love seeing all your baby pictures. Those foxes are mighty cute <3
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ
    and mum Nancy

  5. The season of baby birds and animals is a special time. Decades ago in Vermont my sister and I discovered a foxes' den at the edge of the woods. Making quiet visits from time to time we were able to observe the growing cubs and their parents.

  6. The foxes are adorable.

    Hopefully the turkey grows more accustomed to you.

    You wonder what makes a frog decide to take up quarters in a bird house.

    Annie and Wilson look as adorable as ever.

  7. Great pics, Deb! Love the "tree/house" frog! Do you have a move-in date yet? Can't wait to see pics of finished house.

  8. What a lovely post Deb. You do so well looking after all the creatures that surround you. I feed the little birds in my own back garden and I know that they rely on it to keep their tummies full.

  9. I love that you are living in nature's maternity ward! How wonderful! Those baby foxes are so cute! I'm really glad to hear that Annie is doing well and Wilson - well, how could anyone not love Wilson! I guess he will be excited if you end up with some baby crows. I hope Thelma does okay. I'm sure she appreciates you feeding her. Deb, Fox Grove is such a special place - have you ever thought of writing children's stories based on all the lovely characters there? They would be magical stories!

  10. How I loved this good to see you and find out the latest of all these beautiful and magical moments!

  11. Seeing and reading about the lone turkey...
    Bothered me a l looked into it a bit
    more...This was an interesting read..

  12. Oh to have baby foxes so close - I love foxes. Ah Wilson & Annie what a lovely pair. I laughed out loud at your tree frog & you photo. I talk to my chipmunks all the time, they all have names & two actually (I believe) answer to their names when I call. Who's got who trained. I thought of you yesterday when my white poppies opened up - did those seeds ever grow? I can try again if you like.

  13. You are living in a nature haven! It's wonderful -- and with all those birds and critters. I love the foxes, they're awfully cute. and I'm glad you are caring for Thelma! Love your nesting boxes.

    And that photo of Wilson is the best. He has a little smile and looks like he's just so alert and just so darned happy to be there! It's one of the best cat pics I've seen! His personality just oozes through.

    Any sign of Simon? I'm worried.

  14. You have such a tender heart. Gail

  15. Deb, something just told me to look for you. So glad I did. Sounds like Fox Grove is abuzz with activity. Bet your neighbors wonder what happened to all the birds and animals in the neighborhood when you moved in. I think maybe they all moved in with you. Of course any of us would have. :) That is the BEST picture of you! and that little frog looking out his doorway. You need to frame that one. Wilson sure is pretty sitting there with your pottery. He almost looks like a piece of pottery with those big bright eyes. So glad Annie is well and in good health. Hope the lone turkey stays with you. Years ago we had one female turkey. She was white and was completely happy living here with us. Her name was Pearl. It was after we were given two more turkeys that she just disappeared. We sure missed her. Tell Wilson and Annie we are all waving too. Love, Henny

  16. Good Heavens, so much good news. Everyone seems to be doing just fine. I am glad you are looking out for the turkey; I always feel bad for loners, too. She may be happy and content, then again... I hope she remains safe.

  17. wonderful! love baby animals, they are so funny & adorable!
    has Simon got himself a family?
    awww Annie & Wilson make such a lovely couple :))
    hope you have a lovely weekend too
    thanx for sharing

  18. S0 lovely to see your garden alive with animals and birds - and the little froggie is a delight! Thelma, poor single gal, will hopefully be befriended soon - lucky she has you Deb! See you have House wrens too - I posted on mine today!

    Just back from Ireland - thousands of cows, sheep, horses seemed to carpet the green fields - so very beautiful thanks to the constant rains, haha!

    Glad the kitties are well and behaving!

  19. Omg all these animals are sooo cute!
    But I think baby foxes are the most adorable <3

  20. Beautiful.

  21. I have seen chipmunks for the first time when I went to the States it was at the Brice Canyon. They are so cute. It's a pity that they don't exist here in Europe. And the two looking so in love for each other are adorable !

  22. Spring has sprung!!! Lovely.

    Curious, how many years has Tao been around? I think your human/frog relationship is fab.

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