Tuesday, April 17, 2018

No pics?

I am having some issues with my site where photos are not showing up, I have been through this before. :(
If you are on Instagram drop over to Life at Fox Grove for some up-to-date photos.

I'll be back.
Be kind,


  1. Hi Deb! Sorry about the problem with pictures not posting you have had. I do use Instagram(bonnied9)and love seeing all the pictures you post. I am so excited for you with the progress on your house. Do the girls get to spend very much time in the new house yet? I bet they love getting to see out different windows! How's the plumbing and electrical work coming? It will be so much fun when you can start on all the interior finishing work. Give Annie and Audrey my love!

  2. This happened to me in the past week--not sure if it was a blogger issue. I ran a malware scan and the next day [Monday] blogger was behaving normally. Frustrating!

  3. That's something I haven't had a problem with, though occasionally they can be slow to appear in a finished post.

  4. Here's hoping your picture issues are resolved soon.
    Isn't Instagram wonderful? I love it.

  5. Yes! Thought you'd all gone off on holiday! :).
    Hope you get it fix soon...I'm sure Simon will
    help...! :0).
    Though l'm o.k. with previous posts!

  6. Hope you can get your photos to post soon . I don't use Instagram haven't really been interested in it or really giving it much thought to be honest . I guess I should get with on line times more eh?! Thanks for letting us know . Have a good week !

  7. Blogging issues again. Oh sigh.... Hope they don't spread. :-)