Monday, March 26, 2012

Lola, it's cold outside

Well, so much for the warm weather. Today it was cold and windy. I feel for the early birds that have arrived back home. Today they would have regretted their decision, I'm sure. I brought in some plants I had placed on our patio table. They would have froze over-night and I would have cried.

Last Friday on my afternoon walk (without dog), I wore a short sleeved sweater and open shoes. It was sunny and warm. Today I am back in winter gear.
I have a walking partner for my second daily walk now. While the doggy sleeps I head out with another local blogger, Sue from Just Sayin'. Drop by and visit her.
We are determined to do this daily walk ( 1 hour) and no freezing winds and cold temperatures are going to stop us. Well, not today anyway.
Part of our walk takes us over the 'back bridge' and along the Mississippi River. It is so beautiful along the water but very windy.We almost blew off the bridge today but we hung on like the Great Canadians we are.

You've met Lola before but it never hurts to look at her again. She is beeeeeautiful!
She is black and white and under the black hair is a layer of white.
Have you ever seen such a lovely coat?  It has a silver shimmer to it. She is so, so pretty. She is a shy little thing but  lets me give her chin scratches, finally. She is another very lucky kitty that was found lost and foraging for food.
 She now lives in the lap of luxury.

hugs, Deb


  1. Today's weather was a SHOCK!
    What a beautiful girl Miss Lola is..and that fur WOW!
    Jane x

  2. It was cold and windy here today also. I'm spoiled to the early spring weather. Ms. Lola is indeed a beautiful baby grill.

  3. What a pretty cat and I love her black and white fur. Oh no not cold again. Sorry!

  4. Not a lot of wind burn Deb altho my lips feel a bit chapped!
    Boy did that cup of tea taste good once I got home!

  5. She's beautiful and how wonderful that she was rescued.

    Good for you for going on those walks. My problem is that I start a daily walk and do well for a few days then I get distracted. Have to really commit!


  6. Great Canadians, indeed =)
    Way to go with the walking!
    Lola is such a lovely kitty. I'm glad to hear she is being
    spoiled and pampered.

  7. Lola is such a beautiful little girl, how lucky she is to have found her new home.