Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another day in paradise

I love to see Annie taking care of Audrey. There are some very sweet moments between the two of them. But my favorite time is with Audrey in the office. She lies only inches from me in her little bed and I tickle her and talk to her as I type away.
She sometimes gets over exuberant and that's when I put on some music that seems to calm her down. For instance, she loves to listen to soft, classical music. Adele's music will have her staring into space and eventually nod off. Anything loud sends her out of the room. We have similar tastes. :)

It was a busy day today. I walked to most of my cat client's homes because it was so warm with the sun shining.  I got a bit extra exercise and was rewarded when I reached my destination. All the cats were very welcoming and ready to play with the cat-sitter.

The initial greeting is always a sniff of my hand. That gives the cat time to get used to you being in their space.

I always groom each cat during our visits if the cat allows it (and most do). It's a sure-fire way to bond quickly with each cat. 
One cat likes to chew on a scarf while I comb him. Another kneads the carpet. There is always funny little quirky things about each and every one of them.

So today it was tabbies & marmalade's & a beautiful calico scaredy-cat.

The weather here is too hot for this time of year. Everyone is talking about it. People are out in shorts, sandels, eating ice-cream (what???). Yes, it was a disturbingly, beautiful day. Things are about to change a little, though.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh, yes cats are very discerning in their musical taste..well in everything really!
    Jane x

  2. I really love your post today! And the pictures are so adorable!!!

  3. I am so glad you have another office cat! She will keep you company and on your toes! It seems that Annie and Audrey have found their forever home? Hugs, Linda

  4. Audrey is a very sweet office cat =)
    My Winston kitty has just recently been a bit more amenable to allowing a grooming session ...sigh...he loves the zoom groom brush but with his long fur i sometimes need something a little more fine tuned!
    It is disturbling warm here, as well. It makes me wonder if we will pay the piper in some way. I try not (read try) to fret about it but its odd having to put the air conditioner on for my brat cats in March!!