Thursday, March 8, 2012

The intruder

We have Spring weather now. A slightly warm breeze & the sound of the cars passing by kept Audrey still and amused last night.

 The bark of a distant dog grabbed her attention. She raised her head to catch the scent of the intruder.
She reminded me of a Panther
When investigating a scent carried on the air, a cat will orientate its head in the direction of the scent, often raising its head to sniff. Sniffing is a series of rapid, short inhalations and exhalations which force air into the nasal passages. The air is trapped within the nasal passages instead of passing into the lungs as in normal breathing. This allows the scent molecules within the trapped air to interact with the olfactory receptors within the nose.
"Oh, so that's what you're doing"

Before bed, it's a ritual to have Sleepy Tyme Tea  and honey. 
 I keep my favorite teas in a little wall cupboard in the kitchen. 

Single packets of tea are kept in a special container in the dining room.
 I love trying different teas so these work great for that. Herbal teas are best with honey or lemon. Black teas are great with milk. At least, in this house.
It's raining this morning and the lions are on watch for the squirrels who love to run across our shed roof. 
Doesn't get better than that.

hugs, Deb


  1. Just what is it about cats that one never gets tired of looking at them. Same paws, same whiskers etc but always enchanting to look at.
    I couldn't imagine my life without cats..
    By the way, I love the window seat.

  2. There was a fly inside today..lots of hunting, wiggling and jumping until Fleur made the fatal swat.
    Jane x

  3. B-Utiful Grey Panther is right! Yummy!