Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pickin' up

The sun is back but oh baby, it's cold out there.
It's easy to find the sun in my home.

Most of my clients have returned and I only have a few kitties to visit today.

That means I can work around the home and do more spring cleaning. Might as well face it, it has to be done. And when the sun is shining, I don't mind at all.

There is lots to pick up around my home. Why? Because Audrey knocks everything down from high places if at all possible.

Oh yes, she's a doofus; a menace in the office. Papers everywhere. I may have to re-think this 'office cat' title that she so badly wants. How do you get a kitten to pick up after herself?

My orchid still lives. That's 1 for Deb. Thank you to Natalie from Knatolee's World for the advice on watering my orchid and keeping it alive. Natalie seems to know a lot about a lot...heaven's she raises bees and chickens and ducks and....oh! just go visit her. Her advice was to place an ice-cube on the soil weekly and it seems to be doing great. Her name is Sadie. That's right, I named her. I'll do whatever it takes to make her live.

Dinner out with Grandittle tonight. Yah!

hugs, Deb


  1. Your orchid is beautiful. Loved all of your pictures.

  2. Here the cold atarts!!! And The Autumn begins!

  3. The orchid hasn't been bashed by a cheeky kitten yet? WOW, you are doing well!
    Jane x

  4. I love the first photo of your cats in the sun!

  5. you have some absolutely adorable photos! Gotta love those cats!

  6. Audrey looks like she has just finished one great pounce on the bedding and, with a little hindquarter wriggle, will attack again - bless her. Meanwhile her Aunties and Uncle are soaking up the rays!

    Sending huggles and care to you and all your darling cats,

    Michelle, Zebby Cat's human

  7. Hello! What a wonderful blog you have. I have four cats myself. The pictures of your cats are beautiful.

  8. The orchid looks great! I'm glad the ice cube trick is working for you. :)