Saturday, March 3, 2012

My MAINE man

An armful of love.
"Look into my eyes....."
Charlie is the one and only Maine Coon cat I have cat-sat in my 17 years of cat-sitting .
He's a big boy but his body can barely hold the gigantic heart this boy owns. He's a love-bug...a charmer.
We had our final hug today and he will once again snuggle and warm up the beds for his family arriving today.
"I'll miss you, Charlie. Thanks for being such a big, 'ol (18 years), beautiful bear. I finished up with a cat yesterday that most of you are beginning to know quite well. Dominique....what a beauty and no other cat I know loves to be groomed like this gal.
I love Easter and look so forward it. 
Last year I had this tree in the dining-room
but this year I may take the ornaments outside because of this...
Should be interesting.  


  1. Our pet sitter is getting used to grooming our soft, cotton[like fur. We're not used to it yet.

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. My mom had a Maine Coon cat that showed up as a stray, if you can believe that. She had never heard of the breed until the vet told her that was what it was. Audrey never got to the size of your boy but she was very good natured and lived a good long life. She got her name because Mom fed her out of a real Quimper bowl that had the name Audrey on it. ~ Maureen

  3. I've heard that Main Coon cats are the gentle giants and a great disposition. What a beauty too.

  4. We used to share our lives with a Maine Coon boy. He was a sweet, gentle giant clown. He died suddenly six years still hurts..I miss my Karl so much.
    Jane x

  5. What beautiful kitties! But what kitty isn't beautiful in the eyes of a true cat lover, I ask you!
    I'm putting out my bunnies too. Nothing breakable yet or it will never make it to Easter.

  6. How I know you love your job! How wonderful to be able to meet all those lovely specimens...I love the last photo!

  7. Hopefully kitty paws will stay away from the Easter tree. ;)
    xo Catherine

  8. Wow, that Charlie is a huge cat!