Sunday, March 11, 2012

The way of the cat

I'm so proud of  little Annie

She has blossomed into a beautiful cat. Her coat has filled out and so have her hips. In her case, that's a good thing. In mine, it would be a disaster. We have conversations, this girl and I, and she has let me know that, although she cares very much for Audrey, she does test her patience often.
She has made a new friend in Lily and sleeps very close to her beside the wood-stove. Mr. Ed has all but abandoned her since she became ill. That is the way of the cat.
I expect it is because of the 'smell of illness' that cats can detect. In the wild, a sick cat would be run off by the others as it would no longer be of any use to the pride. It will be interesting to see what follows since Lily is now feeling somewhat better. I think Annie, having had kittens only 6 months ago, is still very nurturing and is not bothered in the same way as the others. (If you are new to this blog, I fostered Annie and 3 kittens six months ago for our local shelter. Annie and her kitten, Audrey remain in our home.)
I'd love to hear comments on this behaviour if you have ever experienced this with cats. I'm not surprised by it although I do hope the 'love affair' between Lily & Ed will be reconciled. I miss seeing them together.

I started my morning with whole wheat toast and maple syrup today.
 I read Hilary's blog and all of a sudden I had a craving for that delightful syrup of the gods.  Have you met Hilary? If you have not read her blog you are in for a treat. She's a mom, grandma, daughter, wife and 'momma' to Roy, the dog. She's also owned by a few spoiled kitties. How I love those cats. She's a dedicated weaver and owns Crazy as a Loom studio. I love her 'dry humour' and laugh at every post. Go visit, you'll be glad you did.
Now,  I'm off for my extra walk each day now that winter is slipping away. I plan to walk 2 km in the morning without the dog so I can walk faster and also walk my dog each afternoon for 45 minutes. I did this last spring and lost 5 pounds by the summer. Sounds good to me.

hugs, Deb


  1. Walking twice is so smart! That picture of Annie is sweet.

  2. yeah, I got the dreaded walk finished this morning as it when it's done :) I love the photo...

  3. That Annie is such a beauty! So nurturing. I am sad that Mr Ed has abandoned Lily but as you say it is the way of the cat. Walking...I need to start doing that more for sure. hugs, Linda

  4. Annie is such a lovely kitty.Ik hope MR Ed and Lily will find each other again

  5. Annie has become a real "little" princess !
    Now my mom say´s she got a crave for maple syrup too and American pancakes :)

  6. Cat dynamics are so fascinating...although I too hope Mr. Ed and Lily reconcile. They are such a lovely couple!

  7. In Dr. David Dosa's book "Making the Rounds With Oscar", he tells of a special kitty who cuddles beside human nursing home patients who are passing and offers them and their families his special feline comfort in their time of need.
    I believe that in leu of language animals were given special gifts that humans, in their arrogance about being human, fail to recognize.
    Maybe Annie's behaviour is an unrecognized blessing. Maybe she will be the one to cuddle and comfort the grieving survivor when one of the elderly friends passes. It always worried me what would happen to Ed or Lily if the other passed.

  8. we had two littermates Eliot and Byron...they were inseparable until they became old and frail...they seemed not to need each other anymore..they even slept in separate rooms, but if one went for an overnight vet's stay the other would pine and pace until the other returned...then promptly ignore the other.....funny old things,cats!
    Jane x

  9. oh your kitty is so pretty.and I hope Ed and Lily get close once again;)I do so love seeing them snuggling together..and kudos on the walks..;) I love walking my dog..

  10. Annie's a beauty! Thanks for stopping by today ;-)

  11. Hi Deb,

    Such a sweet photo of Annie. She is beautiful!

    Nice walking plans too :)

  12. Oh she is a beauty ! yes I think animals sometimes know things that we humans do not, they trust their senses don't they? mmm maple syrup sounds delish !! Gail x

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog...Annie is sweet! I love to walk also. Have a great week :)