Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ed & cat-in-window

The cats spends a lot of time in one part of the house lately; behind the couch.
Ed thinks behind the couch is a little bit of cat paradise. The sun hits here every day and keeps it toasty warm. It's cozy and tight and the backyard trees are in view. Just what his old bones need. And he always has company whether he wants it or not.
"Hi Audrey"  She is always ready to spring....
There are beds, scratching posts and toys back there.

Soon it will be warm enough for all the cats to be out in the screened-in porch. But for now this will do.

One of our beauties prefers her little condo.
but for some reason, Audrey always finds her tail to play with.
Yes, I always know where to find Ed these days.
but it's raining today. No sun for the worshippers.

A cat-in-window for you from yesterday's walk. I cannot resist a white cat. 
He is looking at Kane, my dog. I'm sure he is thinking..."That is the ugliest thing I've ever seen".

Easter weekend is getting very booked up for cat-sitting. Some clients want a full week so they can travel further. Most are regulars and a few are brand new clients. I get very excited about meeting new cats. Much like a kid....can't help it.
It's going to be a busy few days as I am having the dinner for the whole gang again.
Today I found a table-cloth protector (did not know they existed) so I can use my new one from Peru that my daughter, Allie brought home from her trip. It's one of those things you cannot replace so the thought of wine spilling on it kept me from wanting to use it. Now I can. One of my family members said that if I serve dinner on that table-cloth without some kind of cover he will eat on the front porch. So, now he can eat with the rest of us. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. I'd be a nervous wreck anywhere near that beautiful cloth!
    Jane x

  2. I'm loving the photos of all the kitties and so glad to see Mr Ed enjoying the sun. It will be back I know! Happy you can use that tablecloth...yep I wouldn't want to eat on it without a protector! Gosh Easter will be here before we know it! Hugs, Linda

  3. I love the your felines are so pampered =)
    Glad to hear you found a protector for the tablecloth and everybody can now eat at the table!!

  4. Hello Deb - so good to catch up with you too. Your images are so precious. I'm so pleased to hear that Ed has his very own little bit of paradise - and I'm sure you go out of your way to make life comfy for him. And I just adore that young Audrey - what a darling face (sorry I'm so behind, do you also still have Annie??). I love the little condo basket, although if I had one here there would be a row here about who came first, lol!! I just had a short scroll through your posts and I find your 'behind the curtain' images so fine.
    P.s. Thanks so much for your sweet words about my art - cats and other little creatures make their way into every single piece I make! I do intend to share a few more pieces (I just have such fun making them!!).
    xo Joan

  5. I wish I could take Ed into my arms and cuddle him and cover him with kisses. There is just something about him!
    Glad to know the cat sitting business is booming. Wish you lived near me. My Oliver is deaf and likes a bit more one to one than most sitters offer. He's a delightful, buoyant soul that loves everything.

  6. I don't know why I'm drawn to pictures of cats in windows, but your page with those is absolutely fabulous. I love them all. I'm so glad your cats aren't spoiled, too.