Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Older & Wiser

'Older & Wiser' is a nice saying and I see that it also pertains to my cats. Lily is a wise girl and at the age of 17 she wants what she wants. She wants Ed and after being completely ignored since her vet visit by her one-time best buddy she has now taken the rein and he is not getting away from her.

"Just sit down 'ol man and stay put. I'm too old to be waitin' around." 
She's a fire-cracker

I have missed having an office cat since our Ginny died last year. There has always been a cat bed next to my computer in hopes that someone will find it their soft place to fall. It's been empty for a long time now but lately someone has discovered that it is a very cushy, quiet spot.
and she fills out the cat bed already
and then some.

"Sleep tight, little lion."

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the a1dorable photos and fun personalities!

  2. oh I so love seeing your babies all snuggled together..and glad to see your little cat bed has a sweet kitteh in it again:>)

  3. Happy to see that Lily has taken charge of hers and Ed's relationship.
    I love that Audrey has taken over as resident office lion.
    Congrats on the new grand baby!

  4. Glad to see Lily being close with Ed again! And it looks like you have your office cat. All is back to as it should be!

  5. Lily you are not the first lady to put your man in his place! Love seeing them together. Audrey looks so sweet in that cat bed. hugs, Linda

  6. Ah, Lily you know what you want....sweet girl.
    Jane x

  7. Darling Lily you know the way - lie on Ed's legs so he can't get away!

    I'm sure Audrey senses all the good sleeps Angelcat Ginny and Grandcat Hugo have had in your office. I do love watching a sleeping cat.

  8. I call my Willow my work room buddy because she is always the one that charges up to get there first and just loves to be near me, (sometimes too close, like in front of the computer screen. lol)

  9. Ahhh
    you go, Lilly
    don't let that Mr Ed get away with anything
    cuddle down sweetie!

  10. Oh how I love those two! And angel Audrey! What a dollface! My two Ornj Mutants are now about 8 months old. I love this age. Their bodies are fully grown but the heads are still small and they still have all the fire of wee baby kitties. They make me laugh every moment I'm with them. Elliott will stand on hind feet and wrap his giant paws around your thigh in a hug of hello and Oliver gets so engrossed in his playing attack that any stray legs or ankles (or even heads from the fridge) are fair game.

    That Woman

  11. Miss Audrey is a sweetie - but I have a thing for grey cats I guess.

    Julie and Poppy Q