Monday, September 14, 2015

Tea & AA says "thanks".

"But first...tea." I say that a lot.
It's very fall-like today so tea and apple cake may hit the spot.
A tea-cake filled with chunks of apple. :)

I often mix and match tea-cups and saucers.
The tea-cup is without any markings. 
The saucer is Silverdale from Hanley, England
Both were found in a thrift shop.
Both sitting lonely on a shelf.
I always have company at tea.
What's with the long face, Annie?
Oh, you don't like apples.
Well, let's go and see what we can find for you.

I'm joining Sandi at Tea Time. for Home Sweet Home.
Audrey wants to thank you all for your happy birthday wishes.
She had a so-so day, she says.
Highest on her list of 'fun things provided by mere mortals' was when the retired guy hung drywall in the garage and had to put all his junk in the middle of the room.
Instant mountain to climb.
Lots of fun for a birthday cat.
Next was being served a large heaping of wellness chicken dinner microwaved for 15 seconds.
She and her real mom, Annie, shared a corn on the cob for dessert. I kid you not.

She was thrilled with her gift; a near-sighted chicken.

She carries it everywhere. 
Poor thing.

Plus, a gazillion cuddles (argh!) & far too many kisses.
That she could do without.

Turning 4 is a big responsibility for a cat.
One she will gladly ignore.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sorry I missed your birthday, Audrey! I'm glad you had fun and enjoyed a special dinner. Happy Birthday and enjoy that new toy!
    Deb, your apple cake sounds wonderful and I am always thrilled to see blue and white transferware. Yours is so pretty and I'm glad it found a good home with you and your fur babies! Thank you for sharing with us and joining me for tea.


  2. What a delight to drink tea from such elegant cups and to be accompanied by such a beautiful friend.

    Have a lovely week Deb!

    Madelief x

  3. Tea and apple cake sounds great! And love the near-sighted chicken! Did you knit it for her, Deb?

  4. Audrey, you are getting sassier with age, girlfriend! We had cooler temps over the weekend, but they are rebounding back up to warmish again, and I'm gonna enjoy every moment in the sunshine that I can muster!

  5. Oh charming cat :-) I love your cake server and because it says: "Served with love..." so nice :-) Your tea cup is fancy as well... what a delightful time for tea. Have a great day!

    Maya from Pretty Nails And Tea

  6. Oh, you are so much like me...rescuing cats and pretty mismatched china. haha...

    Your apple bread sounds wonderful!

  7. A gazillion cuddles? Oh, Audrey, it couldn't be that many.

  8. I see a few fall things sneaking in the shots!
    Love your mismatched cup and saucer...and your cake!
    Belated wishes to Audrey....did she ask about me? Hahaha!
    Enjoy your evening Deb...
    Linda :o)

  9. Lovely photos . Always love a cuppa tea with a sweet or tart treat YUMMY ! Our Harley loves her mousy and and carries him every where even shares her dry food with him at times lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. WOOW... You Must See This.. !!!!

  10. Cute! I like to mix and match cups and saucers too.

  11. What a beautiful post. Your tea setting is gorgeous. Very elegant and perfect for transitioning to fall. The apple cake looks yummy. I love your little Annie. She is adorable.


  12. Such cute pets! Your cup goes so well with the saucer! A perfect match. I am so glad you shared at "Tea In The Garden"!

  13. What a pretty mismatched teacup and saucer. It was meant for you to take home and love. I'd love a slice of your cake, too. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Audrey!

  14. I must say....I love, love...this Blog...
    So many different things to enjoy, and fall in live
    with...and talking of falling in love...Audrey is the one.
    If Audrey was a human...I would get married again.....
    'Willie'....'No'....'Yes'...HeHe! She's the bee's knees...
    If bees had knees...! Bless!x
    And 4yrs old...That's 32 in human years...! So she's
    old enough..!

    And...pussy~cats faces are the most beautiful ever..
    Just look at Annie's....Lovely!x

  15. It is starting to cool off here and that's when I enjoy my afternoon tea the most! Sweet photo of Annie. Oh Audrey, the birthdays are fun, enjoy them silly cat!

  16. This is a lovely little tea! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  17. Happy belated, precious Audrey! Many happy returns of the day! You've given us so much to smile about , dear. We wish you the happiest birthday ever.
    Blessings to lovely Annie who gave birth to her sweet kittens under the most inauspicious circumstances and was a stellar mother to them. We love you all!

  18. Deb, tea and cats! My favourite things. Glad I found you through Bernideen's blog!