Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Setting up the feeder and the plight of the abandoned cat

If anyone is interested in building a see-through squirrel feeder for your resident squirrels, here is what it looks like once mounted on a stump. You can also attach them to a tree.
The instructions are on the previous post.
For now we will leave it here.

I'm quite sure I will see the three chipmunks who live under our pump trying out the new buffet.
A handful of nuts...and they will come.

I have been on the phone and computer much of the afternoon trying to find animal shelters or rescues that are not full to the rafters. I have done nothing but hit brick walls. There are so many cats being found in the Lanark area that need a place to go at a time when all the rescues are unable to take in even one more cat or kitten.
I lived in the Lanark area for 25 years and was very much involved in cat rescue so when I hear about the plight of the rescues and get calls to see if I can help my heart just sinks.
The local shelter is so full they are turning cats away, rescues are being stretched to the limits with too little funding and no available space.
Cats and kittens are being found under porches, in ditches, in fields, you name it.
Irresponsible people abandoning cats and kittens...responsible people finding them and seeking help.
It's a terrible time of year.

I won't preach to the all know how important spaying and neutering is.
Why, oh why does this continue to get worse every year?
With the cost of vet bills and the state of the economy I expect it will never get any better.
It's such a sad thing to see.

It's a rainy day today.
The air is cool as the wind blows leaves from the trees.
Fall has moved in.

Sierra washing up after breakfast.
Annie - just being cute.

Audrey is under a blanket. :-b

Sending you all a hug, 


  1. So true and so sad. More people need to be willing to take in one and have a new pet. So important before winter!

    Your three sure look cozy.....well, the two we can see! hahaha....

  2. Audrey might be plotting something. Annie and Sierra look adorable.

  3. It is so very sad to see cats and kittens thrown out and abandoned. It breaks my heart. Our three cats are rescues. I wish we could keep more. The squirrel feeder is just perfect! I've just caught up reading your last three posts. Love the three little white foxes too.

  4. We have so many feral cats here it is sickening . Our Harley was one of them and my in laws have two I would love to catch them all and at least spay or neuter them but there are so many it would cost us big bucks and there is no room for any of them in shelters here either very sad . Hope your squirrels enjoy their new fancy feeder lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. I hope you can find a good spot for the ferals. I don't see many of them here, though Gypsy certainly was one. And chances are, Lizzie would have been one (along with her kits) if Kami hadn't found her. She's far to domestic and people-centric to have been a feral, but abandoned for sure. No more babies for her...

  6. I agree with everyone about the ferals or easily disposed of cats/kittens, it is SO heartbreaking. We have to stop thinking of our pets as disposable. The barn that I ride at has 5 vets boarding their horses and they, the vets, ALL donate their time for the rescues centres to neuter and spay feral cats.

  7. Same issue here in Metro Detroit; more cats than people adopting them. And we have low-cost spay and neuter clinic, with free pick-up and delivery service! What else will it take? It's not a matter of education anymore; it's a mind-set that has to change.